Paper what? Craft? Model?

  After long months I was thinking if people still remembers that this blog is about papercraft. Actually, after all these months I started to wonder if I still remembered that this blog was started because of papercraft.

  Now, after quite a time (what? 2 months?) I come back with one simple model that I was designing since a long time ago. Isn't something huge or spectacular, actually it's something simple and....simple. No other words to describe this little model I designed.

  Presenting, Project IV ~EZ~:

Photobucket     Photobucket

  Yes, that one that I started back in March. Only now I decided to put an end to it and release.
  As the name implies, this is an easy (EZ) model and my aim was to create something simple enough so that people with little to no experience could completely build it but still I wanted to avoid something too simple like cubic models. This is what came out as a result.

  If you remember well the first version I showed was slightly different than the one I completed. The first version had arms and legs that I decided to remove from this final version. Why? Because it would be too hard to attach those to the body and it would go agains the main purpose of this model.

  Within the .rar provided below you'll also find a readme.txt with some extra informations, the lined and lineless template and a few pictures with simple directions.

Download Link:

Thank you for reading


You may disregard this post

   Long time since I last posted an update right? Well, it's not the time yet.
   Well, for some reason google decided to delete the list of blogs I was following from my dashboard out of the blue. There weren't that many blogs but still it's not really cool to have that list deleted. Maybe it was just a bug and they'll fix it later, maybe it was just a bug but they won't recover the list, maybe they just don't care.
   Not the end of the world or anything like that, it's just that it's a hassle to add all the blogs again to that manager. Anyway, also I haven't replied to comments in my latest posts. Actually I have pretty much neglected my own blog in the last two months (though I still visit other blogs) so I apologize for the lack of updates and replies for the comments. I appreciate all those comments and read all of them (sure there aren't many but I still read them).
   I had something else to write here but it simply vanished from my mind...oh well, maybe because it's already past midnight and I'm sleepy. Just posting because I felt the urge to, not that I have something to update.

Thank you for reading.



   Before you even begin reading this, be aware that this will probably be a long post in which I'll make a short dissertation about my point of view in patriotism in my own country (or something along those lines).
   So, this post will probably be a little different from what I normally post here. And to better understand it you'll need to remember/know that I'm a Brazilian guy so have that in mind in case you didn't know or forgot (because I believe I already told this on some other post but whatever).
   Anyway. I was walking through the internet and I bumped into another blog (from Brazil) that had a post asking "Why can't we be patriots?". Now, this question is directed to Brazilians.
   I read it wondering the same thing, after all, I'm not really patriot or anything near that and even though I had my guesses I thought it would be nice to see another point of view.
   The first thing that comes through my mind when I think about this topic is "What the hell is a Brazilian"? You may laugh when I say this but this question has no answers. Theorists tried to answer it but there's still no satisfying answer. When you think about, I don't know, Germany as an example, what is a German? What comes to your mind when I say German? Or Russian? Or Chinese? Or African (though Africa is not a country)? Probably a stereotype of each country's citizens comes to your mind. Tall, light eyes and blonde hair for Germans and Russians, shorter with straight dark hair for Chinese and tall, short hair and dark skin for Africans. Right?
   But what comes to your mind when I say Brazilian? Probably soccer, carnival and woman with almost no clothes. Do you have a stereotype of a Brazilian citizen? Probably not but don't worry, you're not the only one. Not even Brazilians have such stereotypical image of themselves because it simply does not exist. Brazil is a pretty huge country with an incredible variety of ethnics and each region of this country has it's own characteristics. As an example, southern regions was mainly colonizes by Europeans so the majority resembles Europeans while the northern regions was mainly colonized by Afro-descendants so the majority resembles Africans.
    What does this means? That visually speaking there's no such a thing as a Brazilian typical citizen. So what makes us look at each other and identify as compatriots? The language? Could be but I doubt because each region has it's own variation of the language and you can bet that people from south find it funny and sometimes hard to understand what people from north are talking and vice-verse. Not that communication is not possible, far from that, but having an interpreter would make things much easier (as there are variations of vocabulary and other stuffs). And there are some other countries in which Portuguese is the official language but we don't see them as compatriots so I think it's safe to say that language is not the bonding factor.
    So what is it? What does it means to be "Brazilian"? To be born here? Simply as that? What about those who are born here but raised elsewhere? For instance, a foreign couple comes here during their vacations and their baby is born here. Obviously they won't leave their child here, they'll raise in their own country and the baby won't be seem as a Brazilian nor the baby will think of being one. Is "Brazilian" something merely on the system?
    One theorist once answered this question by saying that "Brazilians are no-one and this no-oneness is the bonding factor". I don't know if it's understandable since I it was not easy to translate but it simply means that Brazilians don't have a typical characteristic that mark them and this lack of characteristic is what make them recognize themselves as equals. This is a pretty good answer, I won't deny, and is probably the best answer I have heard about but I still feel that this is incomplete.
    So we have a country that is fairly young and is made of a huge variety of ethnics which makes us not having a marking characteristic. Could this be a reason for us not being patriots? Deep inside we don't recognize ourselves as part of the country so we don't feel the impulse of defending it's image? Could this be an excuse? Hell no! Why? Simply because there's even a nameless country that is extremely patriot and is in the same historical situation as us. Which country is it? Can you guess?
   Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the USA. Nameless because United State of America is not a name of a country, come on! But this is not my point here, the point is that USA is as young as Brazil, as huge as Brazil and had lots of immigrations too (though I don't know which country had more). Ok, maybe when you think about USA citizens the image of a fat person eating at McDs comes to your mind but this is a pretty pejorative image and I don't think they see themselves like that so I find it hard to believe that this image is their bonding factor.
   I believe that if you ask a USA citizens (or simply Americans as the world is used to call them despite the fact that American means people from America, which includes Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and many others) they'll have an answer for what it means to be a USA citizens (damn, they don't even have a proper way to call themselves like the other countries because, like I said, Americans is way too broad so, in theory, they're not the only Americans, but they're more patriot than many other countries) but we, Brazilians, can't simply take their answer and use it to answer our question.
    The blog I read was saying that the problem of the patriotism in Brazilians is a political matter and not social. This is also a good approach. Why? Well, if you get to know every scandal in our political history from since this country was colonized till...today, August 11th, you'll probably wonder what the hell we are doing. From militarist dictation to impeachment of the president and the return of this president to the political scenery it makes you wonder. Sure, things from the past may not cause much impact since we were in a different historical context and all that but there are so many scandal that would make any one feeling ashamed.
    One of our presidents suffered an impeachment and was forced to stay away from the political life for I don't know how many years, 16 I believe, and now, after all this time, he's back and got elected as senator. Now, how can the same population that provoked the impeachment of one person elect him again, after 16 years? Is it that we have a bad memory? Is it that we believe he redeemed himself? Is it that we believe that he should have another chance? Damn, for him to suffer an impeachment something he must have made something really bad right? And is something of such degree easily forgiven? And by the majority? Hell, I wonder what's going on. Maybe it is that we're easily buyable. Another big scandal regarding senators is the one that's affecting the president of the senate. The PRESIDENT! The highest chair, the one who SHOULD be the example and the one who SHOULD keep the house working in order is being accused of corruption, gang formation and a few other things that people wonder how he could have done. Surely he denies every accusation arguing that he is an example, that he, who have been elected as the President of the Senate three times and was also the President of the Republic once, would never do something illicit. Obviously not many are believing but the population simply does not have enough conscience to fight against it. The population here simply is outnumbered and underpowered, even though we're extremely populated country. Many don't care about politics. And why is that? Because there's already this image that every politic is some stupid a**h**e who just wants to get rich easily. It's pretty common to say that if you want to be rich in Brazil you have three options, becoming a pagode singer (a kind of music), a soccer player or a politician.
   We're too much accommodated and we prefer to ignore the problems than fighting. The ones who fought against the dictatorship and also caused the impeachment of the president are already old. The new generation is damn lazy. And yes, I am part of this new generation and yes, I AM damn lazy. The conscience of number is long gone.
   Can we be proud of a country like this? Can someone who sees so much corruption and scandal in their own house be proud it being their home? I find it hard. And this is not everything, there are many other points that I left out like the government manipulating data to increase the country's position in those international rankings of development, for instance. Yes, here in the public educational system the kids can't repeat a year, it's a law. They must keep going even if they know nothing so it's not that uncommon to see people in their 9th grade that can't even read properly. We're also a country that have no habit of reading, yes, average must be one book a year or less while in Europe it's probably six or more. Main reason? I don't know but you can bet that the price of the books is a good reason for this situation. This is also one of the most bureaucratic countries in the world.
    With so much negative feedback it's not hard to understand why we're not patriots. Can someone be in such a situation? "Love your country and protect it despite it not giving you back a thing"? I'm sorry but I simply can't buy that one.
   Sure, there are times when the country gets united and fights for one common passion. Soccer World Cup! Wow! Such a great event! Everybody loves soccer, everybody loves Brazilian soccer players, the best soccer in the world. Yeah, whatever. Soccer, in my point of view, is a great way to dissolve the conscience of number from population making it harder for them to become a strong unit from which the govern should be afraid of. So many fights between organized fans and a fast look into history makes me believe in that. Anyway, I'm not going to keep this way because I'll diverge too much from the main theme but I think it's interesting to add here is that in this country the population is afraid of the government while in many other the government is afraid of the population. Take a look at France, for instance, and you'll understand what I mean.
    Besides that, when is it that the population from this country fights for a common passion? Olympic Games? F-1? International Volleyball Circuit? Stock Car? Yeah, nothing really...noble or anything if you know what I mean. One thing is cheering that Olympic athlete that is "representing" your country another thing is boo-ing the politicians because they raise their salaries in 50% every once in a while but are reluctant to raise 0,1% of the minimum wage of the country.
   Now some may say that there are worse countries in the world and that Brazil is not the bottom of the hole and all that stuff. Maybe it isn't. Now, it surely isn't the worst nor the best. But what difference it makes? Saying that "there are people in worst situation than you" makes any difference in my own situation? If I break one leg and someone else breaks two legs right in front of me, will my pain vanish because of that? I don't think so. The same goes for the country situation.
    I see this phrase "there are countries in worst situations" as "hell, you're not the worst so why are you complaining? There are others in worst situation and not all of them are complaining. Stop whining and live your life". Just because I'm not in the bottom of the list I shouldn't complain? Just because I'm not the worst I can't try to become better? It's like saying that, in a race, the one who gets in second should be happy because he was not the last one and should just keep it that way and shouldn't bother trying to win the next race. It's the same as saying that, in that same race, only the last place have the right to complain. Does it makes any sense? It surely doesn't for me.

    Oh well, this is already pretty long (3 pages in open office writer). And what's the conclusion from this all? We're not patriots, I'm not patriot and I feel that we don't care about it and I surely don't care. Being a Japanese descendant may be one extra reason for me not being so patriot what I wrote in this post may also contribute. The fact that there are many ethnics may be a factor that made us more individualists but can this be the only reason? I don't think so.
  The original text I used as a base for this post is right here though I doubt it'll make any difference because it's in Portuguese and I believe that there aren't many Portuguese speakers visiting my blog.
   There are some comments on the blog (also comments in Portuguese, obvious) that points out other points of view that I didn't include in my own post. Maybe in the future I'll do that but not now.

Thank you for reading



     No, not a papercraft...oh dang, when am I going to release a new paper model? Did I forget that this blog should be mainly about paper models? What's happening?
     Well, so what's done? Is that done? That that I talked about last post? Yes, that's it!
     Let's talk a little about it. Some of these that I'll write here you'll also find at the end of the video or in the details column. It's been almost 10 months since I composed this song but only now I decided to record it and do all this video stuff. It's only piano and vocals but there's still some room to think about adding other instruments to be played with a band, maybe rearrange it but I'll still think about that. There are no vocals because I don't know how to sing, have little to no sense of vocal tone and I also don't have a mic to record so I decided to use that harmonica-like timber (it should be a bass clarinet, actually) to do the vocal's melody line and although I've kind of learned how to add the karaoke effect adding it would take waaaaay too long and I'm not really in the mood to do it so hope you can connect the lyrics to the melody.
     Talking about the song, it's a quite simple composition on the C major key, probably the most basic key available but it sounds good and it's ear-friendly though this doesn't mean it's actually good...I changed the second bridge a little from what I originally thought to make it sound fuller and it took me quite a while to come up with that arrangement though it's not as hard as it sounds. The first version came up in about three days including the lyrics but it took me almost 10 months to decide to record and during the recording I decided to change something here and mess a little there and this was the final result.
     The lyrics are quite simple too and I leave it to you to interpret it as you wish. I believe I know how most people will interpret this and I also believe that it'll be correct but I'll leave it opened to new interpretations as I found one myself (can you see it too?).
     The gear I used were:
       → A Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard for playing (obvious)
       → A Sony MD Recorder MZ-R700PC for recording from the keys
       → One cable P2xP2 and one P2xP10 adapter so I could record from the keys
       → Audacity 1.3.7 to record from the MD to the PC
       → Virtualdub 1.8.8 to create this simple video
       → SSRtoSSA 1.0 to convert the scratch-made .srt file to .ssa file (to use as lyrics)
      As it can be seen, these are pretty cheap gears (all freeware software FYI) and my recording and editing skills are simply zero so the sound quality and the presentation are not really high. You'll notice some parts that are not tidily synchronized, specially at the ending sequence but I hope you'll be able to enjoy it.

Thank you for reading/listening.
PS: Yes, on the video I left the Subtitle Workshop as a used gear but in the end I used it for testing purposes only and wasn't necessary for the "final" product but was too lazy to change since I just noticed now...so disregard that ok?


Good news, bad news, news, updates

    Well, news, updates and all that. What have I been doing?
    Since the last post I've been trying to finish recording my first composition with lyrics and whatever. Only today I managed to finish and the result is far from expected but whatever, I believe this is the best I can do right now with the patience, equipment and ability that I have available.
    Since I can't sing there are no vocals on the song though I added the vocal line on the recording. I'll probably post a video with a karaoke with what's supposed to be the lyrics and I think I'm going to upload it somewhere so people can watch and rate it....or not, I don't know. Still have to decide whether it's reaching the lowest level of quality needed to be showed to be world.
    And because of that I still haven't even started working on papercraft. Yeah, recording takes my patience more than I thought it would so I guess I won't be able to provide my next model by tomorrow, oh well. I'll see what I can do about it. Now back to the music, I still need to finish editing some little details here and there and decide whether I'm going to modify it yet or not.

Thank you for reading.


Vacations, free time, nothingness...what a mess

     Well, it's been a quite time since I last posted right? Yes. And why am I posting now? Did something good happened? Did I finish something and am ready to share? Am I just wasting your time?
     If your guess is the last one than I would say that you're most likely correct though I'll try to prove it wrong (will I be able to?).
     Anyway, this past week was completely useless to my hobbies. Progressed almost nothing with papercrafts but my time was not completely wasted since I spent some time messing with the bass. Not much but enough to learn how to play one or two songs. Now am up to learning how to do slaps correctly. But since this should be mainly a papercraft related blog I decided to set a goal. I'll finish the Gijinka model until next Thursday, July 23rd. I'll make one week be enough for me to finish recording one music, cleaning the mess in my room and complete the paper model.
     Just for you guys to have an idea on how my room is right now here are two pics of part of the room and the pc desk, where I normally use as working place for papercrafting:
mess          mess 2

     Crappy resolution because I don't know where the camera is...I guess somebody from my family took it, I don't know, so I'm using my cellphone's camera that is clearly worse.
     The keyboard should go back to it's former place in my room as soon as either I record it directly to the pc or I decide that it's not a good choice to do this. Well, let's see how my progress goes this week right?

Thank you for reading.


Vacations at last!

     Vacation, where I wanna be!
     Party on the beach where the fun is free
     We don't need a holiday, let's start to celebrate

     Ok, whatever. Just some old song that came up in my mind when I wrote "Vacation" at the title of this post.
     Anyway, now I need to learn how to relax and need to organize my time and discipline myself to follow an organization, and you can tell everybody this is a song...ok, it's not a song. Just some stupid self-joke (that I can hardly see as a "joke") that I bet nobody will get.
     You can be sure that it'll be quite hard for me to follow my own time table because it'll be quite hard for me to make it! But let's try right?
     I want to find and follow a bass method, want to make some progress on some paper projects and I also need to study some Calculus otherwise I'll get in real trouble next semester. But meanwhile I'll just sleep because I'm dead tired already.

Thank you for reading.


Almost finished

     Good god...June is over and it was a horrible month for this blog, only four entries. And what's almost finished? One of my project? Another new design? A new template? No! My classes and the semester! Almost there, almost there! Only more two days of suffering and agony. Yes, I don't even know if I want these two days to end soon because I have one presentation tomorrow and another on Friday and I don't feel confident to do any of those. The worst is that I still have to prepare the one for Friday....oh I'm so screwed. Anyway, it's been quite a while since I last posted and it's been quite a while since I last checked the blogs I follow so I decided to take some time to do both today. Since it's been quite a while I think this will be a long post. Feel free to ignore it since this won't add anything to your life (probably, just like all the other posts tagged with "etc").
     So, what happened since I last posted? Well, MJ died and his stuff are selling like oxigen would sell because of that. He's selling more than John Lennon and Elvis did after they died, or should I say that people are buying more? This is probably the most correct term. Anyway, he died, a genius as a dancer and as a musician. What else could I say? Not much but coincidentely a few days before his death I found out this article here that tries to give and explanation about why some celebrities stay famous regardless of their talend. It basically says that people need something to talk about, something in common and these celebrities is their point of equicity. In a few words that's what it's explaining and I think it makes sense.
     What else could I talk about? Well, I sold my drums last weekend and bought a bass! Nice! No, I don't know how to play it yet but I'm learning and I'm eagerly waiting for these long awaited vacations so I can practice. So yes, I'll have to conciliate the desire to learn bass and the desire to build new models, will be a though time for sure. And here's the space for pictures, yes!
     Here's what I sold:

     And here's what I bought:

     Pretty nice, I already have lots to do during my vacations that hopefully will start Saturday.
     And that's it I guess...one last thing is that it's damn hard to type without using one finger. Yes, yesterday I decided that I would try to eat some barbecue of myself but I stopped when I remembered that it would hurt a little if I were to cut off my finger, unfortunately this just came to my mind after I started chopping off my finger. This was nice for sure. Ok, it wasn't that bad, just the tip of my finger got cut but for some strange reason that's exactly the place were it seems that blood is produced because it simply doesn't stops bleeding. I cut it yesterday but today was still bleeding. Oh well, nothing that a curative won't solve. Ok, that's it. In the end this post didn't get as long as I thought it would.

If you had patience and interest to read till here, thank you for reading


Semester is almost ending...

...and now is the time of the semester that I'm most packed. Just more this and the next week and my classes are over for the semester but I have yet two presentations to prepare and present and two tests to do. This is completely depressing me specially because I'm not in the mood to do anything but I still have lots of things to do. Therefore I don't do the things I should do and I'm also unable to do what I want to do because my conscious keeps telling me that I shouldn't be doing this and all that, ya know.
    Concluding, my paperworks are halted since the pc was sent to the assistance and I should be resuming my work after all my classes are over. And since my models are halted this blog is also semi-halted because, well, this blog is mainly about paper models :P (though it's been a long time since I last posted about it). Also I'm having a hard time to keep following the blogs I normally follow but I'm still there reading the new posts whenever I can. When I say "it's been hard to keep following" I mean that I'm not visiting the blogs on a daily basis but I'm still visiting at least twice or thrice a week.
     Anyway, here's the current status of my last build:

     Yes, hopefully this one will be resumed in two weeks :)

Thank you for reading.


PC is back

     Ok, now I'm catching up with the blogs since the pc is back. Not completely problemless (ok, this word doesn't exists, I guess, but it's cool to add the suffix "-less" to the words :P). The power button was fixed but the power source wasn't exchanged because there wasn't another one readily available and there are chances that it'll take one month for them to get another one so it's much wiser to take the pc back home and keep using it while the assistance makes the request for another power source. When they receive it I'll take it back there so they can exchange it for me.
     The present one is actually working fine except for the noise that the fan makes, sometimes, right after it's turned on. Ok, it's not a big deal, it's just a noise by the fan that fades after a few minutes of usage so why care? Simply because it's still under warranty and I can change it free of charge. That's why :).
      Now, it's been a long time since I last posted about paper models right? Well, unfortunately I won't break the diet today :(. But hopefully next post I will :). Let's hope and pray that until the next post I'll have already moved my shameless fat ass to be able to do so.
      While this doesn't happen, have some fun with these stupid images I found out there in the vast reigns called "internet".

Eg-aaaaah!   Pepat   Nice offer    Whaaaat?

These fails so much...
   Fail1    Fail2    Fail3

Ah...nice jokes...
fan     you

And lastly, this is something I should consider buying...this ad is almost convincing me...

Note: These were all collected through imageboards and free sites so if any of these is copyrighted please inform me so I can delete right away.

Thank you for reading


PC unavailable

     Yup, that´s right. Last post I said that I was going to send the cpu to the assistance because of some problems and in the end I sent it there this tuesday only. Now I´m posting from another pc, not from the one I usually do so this is just a notice about my current status. I don´t know if I´ll be able to visit the blogs I usually visit meanwhile so I´m also apologizing for the lack of comments and posts. Later, when my pc arrive, I´ll do the everything within my reach to catch up every blog :)

Thank you for reading.


[Insert desired title here]

     Freezing. Well, not really but it's really cold for me. I'm not that used to cold weather so every degree that decreases hits me, stealing my heat, stealing my will (little) to do anything. So, how cold is it? Something around 14°C or 57F. Cold? Maybe not for you but for me it is.
     Now, leaving the temperature aside let's see what else I have to talk about...well, Prinsesa Musang decided to award my blog with the Kreativ Blogger Award. This is actually the second time someone awards my blog. The first time HalfCrazy awarded with the Neno's Award. I'm glad to be awarded. Let's do thinks one at a time.
     First the Kreativ Blogger, it looks like the rules says that the one who receives and accepts it must share seven things I like to do and pass the award to another seven blogs. Ok, seven things that I like...
     ♫ Music (listening, playing, whatever)
     ☼ Food, specially when I'm hungry
     ♪ My bed, specially when I'm sleepy
     → Free time
     → The internet
     ← Papercrafts
     ← Free time
     So, as you can see I DO like free time :D. Now it's all up to what I like to do during free time. Building paper models, eating, sleeping and other things that I probably won't be telling :P
     Now I should pass this to seven other blogs....well, do I even READ 7 other blogs? I don't know. Will count in a while, now let's see the Neno's award.
     Actually it's been a long time since I that award was given and at the time I didn't post a post about it here because the tag also said to pass the award to other blogs and to say why I love blogging. Since I didn't know many blogs well enough to award I decided to simply answer on HalfCrazy's blog the first question that I'll copy and paste here:
     The reason is simple, to share my models and to try to show the world a little bit of this nice hobby I discovered that is paper modeling. Also to vent a little whenever I feel the need...that's why there's the "etc" on the name :)
     It's fun to be able to create something by yourself and get some recognition for it. It's also fun to go and find new ideas, new views and new information on the many blogs about many different topics out there in the world. And it's also fun to meet and keep contact with strangers. It's just like you said, social networking.
     Now, giving the award to other blogs...why do they set a minimun number? I don't really follow seven blogs :P.

     Let's leave this aside for a while because there's still more to write about.
     Ok, I finally printed the templates for Himeguma and Project IV and they're there, waiting to be built. I hope to get started soon if my schedule and will power allows me. Lately I'm been getting more hooked with music so I've been practicing with the drums and starting self-teaching acoustic guitar so these are simply eating my free time. Not that I'm progressing much, specially with the guitar but, well, we can always dream right? :)
     Besides this, I think tomorrow I'll send the cpu to the assistance service because the power button is broken and the power supply is making a strange noise that shouldn't do and it's really time to take a look at it. Since it's still under insurance I can't simply open it by myself to take a look (not that it would any useful since I do not understand much about it but hey, it's fun to do it :D) so I have to take it to the assistance meaning I won't have a pc available for I don't know how long. Hopefully it won't take too long but who knows? If there's a need to replace the power supply than it may take little longer if they don't have it there. That's why I'm writing such a long post? Maybe :P
     I'm counting on making some progress while the cpu is not available, let's see if I can do it :D.

     Now, back to the awards, who am I going to award? How am I supposed to choose the award receiving blogs? I'm supposing I can't award back so let's see how I'll handle this.

      An Ardent Cosmic Journey.
      balut & natto
      Prinsesa's Anatomy
      Vicissitudes of Life
     These are the blogs that I frequently visit and enjoy visiting and I'm awarding. Which award goes to which blog? Both awards goes for all blogs because they're all creative and I see the passion of blogging in all these, though two of them are on hiatus.
      This was a long post. Thank you if you had patience to read it all.


3 months...

  ...ago I was making this post here.
     February 28th was the day I started blogging. At that time I was still using that pre-made layout offered by blogger and wasn't quite sure how it would turn out. Now I'm still using the same layout but I at least I got to add my own backgrounds. Also, three months and 56 posts later here am I, with 3 released models, hopefully with the fourth and fifth on the way. I'm just not sure about how many people actually built my models.
     I'm pretty much with a writing block right now so I guess I'll stop here.
     Thank you for all who are interested in my work and sorry for progressing so slow nowadays.

Thank you for reading.


7 days

    Almost. Almost 7 days without posting an update. What is happening?
    I'm almost done with re-designing Himeguma, it just needs some final adjustments on the unfold and it'll be ready for the next step that is test building. Unfolding is pretty boring if you want to know. It's a manual process, its boring level is proportional to the number of edges the model have and yes, it's boring. Some people may say that if I find it boring I should quit doing paper models because I'm not enjoying it but come on, why should I force myself to enjoy 100% of something? Ok, this is a hobby, it should be fun and all, it should be pleasing and blah, blah, blah. For some reason I think this argument is flawed. Just because it's a hobby I should enjoy EVERY SINGLE STEP of it? If I don't do it than I'm not apt to keep on with it? What do you think?

    Well, leaving this aside, here's a screenshot of the unfolding process:

    I'm posting it just because I don't want to leave this post without any pictures :þ
    Since tomorrow I ain't going to college I guess I'll be able to make some progress on this. I'm beting on starting the testbuild tomorrow already...unless my dentist appointment prevents me :(
    Now back to organizing those scaterred pieces. Or should I focus on music? Lately I'm been hooked with it again. Well, one thing at a time, one at a time. :D

Thank you for reading.


Why I'm not progressing as much as I did before

     So, today I'm going to talk about why my progress rate has dropped considerably since I started blogging.
     First reason is because of college. It's taking some of my time and as I said on the last post when I have free time I end up using it with some mindless and effortless entertainment such as games (the ones you don't have to think too much like racing, adventure, vs and others) and movies/anime (also nothing too complex, just some light comedy or anything stupid). Yes, editing the 3D models, unfolding, cutting and gluing and taking pictures of the process to make a tutorial requires quite an effort and it can't be done without some ratiocination.
     Second reason is the extra expenses I'm having due to college. Since I'm having lunch out almost everyday of the week and I'm also taking the bus to come back from there (college) to home my expenses were raised considerably meaning I have less money to spend with printing templates. I should buy a printer but again the monetary problem hits me so for now it's not into my plans.
     Concluding, I'm a lazy pig who doesn't want to think nor to spend money. Or something along those lines :P
     Maybe I really am but I think it's better for my own ego to think that I'm just someone who still needs to learn how to organize my own time and money. :)

     Now, I noticed there are lots of asian bloggers around. Many of the blogs I regularly read are from asians, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines...interesting. But I have yet to find one from Japan. I think it'll be hard since japanese probably use another blog plataform (same for koreans) but, who knows? May the hunting begin! :)

Well, that's it for today.
Thank you for reading.
ps: yet another .etc tag! This is so useful, a joker tag! :D


Himeguma Gijinka+Answer to a question

     Well, following the comment Prinsesa Musang left in the previous post I decided to focus more on just one project right now and that is remodeling the Himeguma Gijinka. This is by far my favorite design so I want to make it as best as I can right now.
     I have pretty much been able to redesign her right sleeve, reduced it to 4 or 5 pieces instead of the previous 8 and I also decided to simplify a lot her body. This because her body is completely covered by her robe so it's pretty senseless to make it with details.
     The body changes were these:
Himeguma Papercraft - Body changes Himeguma Papercraft - Body changes Himeguma Papercraft - Body changes

     As you can see I removed lots of details and curves from her body, reduced the polygon count (from 74 to 59) but I didn't resize. In the screenshots the latest version seems smaller because it's less zoom.
     The previous version wasn't that hard to build but I still think it's too much effort for something that won't be visible so why not simplify it, right? Now I need to see how stable it'll be with the changes I did. Before the upper part of her body would keep in touch with the upper part of the robe so it's pretty stable to pick her up by the robe but with the redesign her body became slimmer and I believe that this contact between robe/body won't happend so I'm afraid that it'll make it even fragiler. Will find out when I testbuild it...I don't know if I'll be able to do it this week :(

     Now, I noticed that I never told where I am from. Kenwooi asked me this question in the previous post and this was not the first time I'm asked it so I decided to answer in this post.
     I'm from Brazil, that big country from South America which official language is Portuguese not English nor Spanish so excuse my grotesque mistakes (grammatical, vocabulary, etc) I may commit.
     Well, that's it.

Thank you for reading.



     Well, I should learn to set priorities and stick to them :P
     Himeguma is being slowly edited. Slowly because I need to crack my mind trying to figure out how to improve it.
     Project IV is still waiting to be printed. I hope to print it Tuesday.
     I'm still thinking if I'm really going to write a tutorial and post in my blog.
     Music is simply halted in my life, I should practice more but laziness takes over me. Actually this is the reason why I'm pretty much without updates here too.
     College is there, things to do and when I have some free time I just want to have some mindless fun...you know, play some stupid game, watch a stupid movie or something similar. But I'm trying to change this, trying to make myself use the brain a little bit more during free time.


     Big mess right? Yes...but guess what? My next model is somewhat related to something in this picture. What it could be? :)
     Yes, I'm already working on a new model and yet there are two other in line waiting to be finished....that's why I should learn to set and follow priorities. :P Priorities, that's the rule in anyone's life.
     Ok, now I need to think how I'm going to label this post....I guess it'll be another "etc" post. That's the joker label! It's great to have one :D

Thank you for reading.


Current Status

     Lately it's been quite hard for me to update because there are simply no updates to do. Today I decided to tell the current status of the projects I'm working on (not that there are that many :P)
     Project IV: Waiting test build
     Himeguma Gijinka: Redesiging
     Possible next model: Already designing
     Currently building: Nothing ATM.
     Future posts: Thinking, thinking
     So basically there are 3 WIP and I may start building another model this weekend though I'm not sure. I need to check which model I had printed here.
     Well, guess that's it.

Thank you for reading.


Designing Process

     Wow, so many days since I last posted here. Life has gotten quite busy these days but now I think I have some time to post something new here. Well, life is still quite busy so when I have some free time I end up using it to simply surf the internet or watch something and unfortunately because of this I've basically halted this hobby. I need to get my *ss moving and restart modeling and building models! :( Unfortunately today I'm almost a zombie here, I'm dead tired and I feel like my line of thoughts is not straight so I may start to write some nonsense here (be it grammatically speaking or semantically speaking).

     Ok, now back to the topic. Last post I talked a little about the processes that I know about designing your own model. Now today I'm going to talk a little about how to transform that model into a paper model.
     The 3D model is basically a collection of geometric solids shaped the way you feel it's better. And what exactly is the template we use to build the models? Those are the "unfolded" pieces of the 3D model. It's really easy to "unfold" some simple shapes like a pyramid, a cube, a cone etc. Some people may be able to do this with much more naturalism than others but anyway, for those, like me, who simply are too lazy to think how to unfold the solids and are waaay to lazy to also calculate the size of the pieces so that they fit together, there are some automated options (yeah!) that can do this job for us.
     I have heard of 3 different programs that can do this.
     -Google Sketchup w/ unfold plugin
     -Pepakura Designer
     -Ultimate Papercraft 3D
     These three programs (or 2 and 1 plugin) are supposed to be able to load the 3D model and unfold it for you. Personally I use Pepakura Designer and was the only one I have ever tried so I really can't give a feedback for all these.
     I'm pretty satisfied with Designer as it supports the file format that I mostly use and it's a quite easy program to use. It could be improved, without a doubt, but still I'm satisfied with it. I may write a more detailed tutorial for it some day and post it here too. The compatibility does not surprises me since this program is from a japanese developer and the 3D modeling program I use (Metasequoia) is also from a japanese developer and that it's looks like it's quite popular so it's really not a surprise. By looking at the features of Pepakura and Ultimate Papercraft, it looks like the latter have much more to offer and it also supports many more formats too so this may be an advantage but I still have to use it to be able to compare and give my opinion.

     Well, I think that's pretty much it. All you need is a 3D modeling program and one of the three programs I listed here and you have all the tools you need to design your own models! May not be the easiest thing to start doing but at least it's not impossible! :)

Thank you for reading.


Designing process - Introduction

     So, how do people design a papercraft?
     I can't really answer how people design GOOD papercrafts but I can try to explain some processes. But before doing that we need to define what exactly a GOOD papercraft is.
     Some may say:
     -Ah, good papercrafts are the ones that looks awesome when finished.
     Others may say:
     -No, good papercrafts are the ones that are really, really detailed.
     Meanwhile, others are chanting:
     -Lies! Good papercrafts are the ones that are easy to build.
     Besides those, we can find the ones arguing:
     -What? No, good papercrafts are the ones that are easy to build, looks good when finished AND are detailed.
     And, obviously the there are ones that will simply say:
     -Who cares? Just design a model of [insert something here] and gimme the templates so I can build it and brag about how awesome I am.

     What's my point here? I just want to show that good and bad is really relative so something that I may find good may not be that good for you. People share different opinions since our opinions are based on our life experience and, obviously, each person had different experiences and acknowledge them in a different manner.
     Anyway, now I'll just point out a few of the methods that I have heard of when it comes to designing papercrafts.

     Process: Recoloring
     How it works: You choose a model that is already made and recolor it's templates using an image editor.
     Difficulty: Not much. You need to know how to work with image editors, only that.
     My opinion about it: I find it hard to consider this a "designing process". It's a way to start but I really find it hard to consider it as an original design.

     Process: Ripped models
     How it works: You choose a game that you like and that makes use of 3D models (probably any game from n64/ps1 generation's onward), find a way to rip the file containing the models and the textures and hope you can convert it into a format supported by the programs you're using (will talk about these programs latter).
     Difficulty: Can be quite hard to rip from some games since not all games uses the same encrypting method and not many people are interested in decrypting every single game out there. Some of the models may be too detailed (high poly count) while others may be too flat. What I mean? Well, compare a model from FFVII and a model from FFXII and you'll understand.
     My opinion about it: I'm really not much in this method. You don't have that much freedom to work, you're bind to the existence of a game with the model you want and I have seem many bad papercrafts made using this method. The biggest problem when it comes to ripped models is that most of the models cannot be transformed into a paper model right away. It needs some work before that and many people don't know/forget about it. Still I think it's a good way to start if you really know nothing and think have no imagination to start modeling from scratch but it's not a good idea to start with a high poly count model.

     Process: Modeling from scratch with a program
     How it works: You install a modeling program in your computer and start designing a 3D model from scratch. Quite intuitive right?
     Difficulty: Can be really hard to start, may be discouraging, you need to have imagination and you'll need to have some knowledge on how to create textures, in other words, you'll also need to know how to use an image editor program (paint, gimp, whatever).
     My opinion about it: Well, this is the method I use. I think it give you freedom to do the way you want but you're bind to your abilities with the program you're using and to the features available. It can be quite hard to start specially if you've never had any contact with 3D modeling but I believe the models end up having your own touch. I really prefer this method to ripped models because I feel that by modeling from scratch I have more authority to say that the model is mine.

     Process: Paper engineering
     How it works: You design the 2D pattern using a pen, ruler, compass and your brain.
     Difficulty: I believe this is the hardest method from the ones I listed. Why? Because you're designing the model from scratch without the use a 3D program. Yes, you're basically using pencil, ruler, compass, calculator and your spacial vision to draw the unfolded pieces on a paper. In other words, you basically draw the pieces on the paper, cut and build the model.
     My opinion about it: I tried to do this only once but got nowhere. The project I started is still there, waiting to be continued. Like I said, this is probably the hardest method and maybe, because it's the hardest, it may result in the best models. Or not, it's all up to the designer ability.

     These are the processes that came to my mind. There may be others that I do not know about but I believe these are the most common ones. Later I'll post more about designing process.

Thank you for reading


Editing, editing

  Well, I started thinking on how to edit Himeguma but I have yet to figure out how to do a good job. And not it's hard to think because I'm simply dead, completely sleepy. Hard to think straight...and for some reason I feel the need to eat even though I'm not hungry. Guess that if I brush my teethes this urge to eat will cease. Well, guess I'm going to do so. Today was a long day, tomorrow will also be a long day and same for Friday. Yup, life doesn't stop.

Yes, this is just a reminder that I'm alive and am trying to advance with the hobby but life is holding me back.

Thank you for reading.


Himeguma Gijinka Papercraft

      Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away!
      No, not that. Let's try again.
      Yesterday I posted about my Himeguma gijinka papercraft. Today I decided to talk a little bit more about the model itself. That model I started modeling more than a month ago, maybe even two months ago and actually I finished it a few weeks after creating this blog. A few weeks later I test built it even though I knew there were some details I wanted to change. Test built completed I found out it was not the easiest thing to build but that the major problems were not so easily solvable. What the problems were?
      1) Assembly process: What's the best order? Sleeves first and than arms or the opposite?
      2) Building process: Sleeves are way too hard to build, it should be simplified.
      These were basically the problems I faced. I believe that this picture here will explain problem 1 better:
himeguma model

      As you can see, I made her whole body and literally dressed her body. Now, if she had articulated joints AND her dress/robe was made of cloth or something similar than there wouldn't be any trouble assembling it but unfortunately none of the two conditions are met. The arms are glued to the body and the main part of her dress wraps her body and the sleeves wraps her arms. I think it's easy to see the trouble here right? I cannot build her dress and wrap it around her completely built body because of her arms and it's also hard to build the sleeves around her arms already glued to her body. That's the big problem. Anyway, in the end I managed to build it and the result is that that you can see in the previous post.
      And now a few more pictures below showing the front view of the 3D model and my testbuild besides the final built just for comparison:
Himeguma model           Himeguma Papercraft

      There are just a few differences that caused a lot of changes on the whole model. I don't know if it's really visible but her shoulders were really large and I shrinked them. In the process her right arm/sleeve changed a lot.
      Well, that's it. Now I have to study because I have a test tomorrow and I know nothing, but before I need to take a shower because I'm almost sleeping here and need to wake up.

Thank you for reading.


Done! But...

     Is this it?
Papercraft No! something is missing! Extras! Extras! Add extras!
Can't lose these! Now, extras, the difference! Hope I won't lose these!

      And after adding ALL the extras (didn't shot every one, I forgot :P) this is what we get!

      Now, I liked this model but it's a pain in the *** to build it. In other words, I think it's pretty badly modeled. I don't know if I messed up while building it (specially the right "arm of the clothe" that I don't know how to call in english :þ) or if the problem was with the model in itself. I believe that the major problem is in the model so I decided to try to work on the model a little bit more, see what/how I can improve it to make it easier to build before releasing it. I just really wanted to have this built and that's why I struggled to build it but I don't think it's really worth all the trouble unless you're really, REALLY interested.
      I believe I didn't mentioned this before so, yes, this is also one of my own projects. And who is this? This is a Gijinka (擬人化)which is a Japanese word meaning "humanoid", "personification", or "anthropomorphic". It's a Pokemon Gijinka, in other words, a personification of a pokemon. The art I used as base for this model is this one:
Gijinka - Teddiursa

      For those who know pokemon, this is Teddiursa, or Himeguma (ヒメグマ) in the japanese version. The picture was taken from this site. It has many other pokemon gijinkas available.
      And for comparison purpose:
Papercraft comparison

      Yes, her arms are mirrored, I know. And you can't see the arm that is in front of her face either. The last detail I may try to fix but I'm not going to de-mirror her, I liked it that way. :)
      Now off to change the labels from the other posts :P

Thank you for reading


What's going on?

     Nothing, really :þ
     But things are getting shape:

     And another angle:

     Actually now I'm kind of stuck and I need to think (again) what's the best way to keep the building. I hope to have it settled and finished by tomorrow. Let's wait and see.


Finally the week is over

     Finally! Tomorrow is holiday so the week ends today. Even though I do have some stuff to do I'm so fed up that I don't know if I'll do. Well, I probably will because I have to but not tomorrow. Now I don't know what I'm going to do, so many things in the leisure time list. Only now I got time to work on my models again so I guess I could finish that model from the last post (which is still in the same stage, yeah, I progressed nothing). I bet I'll do that, now I'll go and try to find something to watch.
      This is just a small update to tell that I'm still not dead.

Thank you for reading.


Something is still being made

Here's a little update.
This is just while I don't re-print the templates from Project IV.
Here are the pictures showing my progress.

Papercraft        Papercraft


Something is being made

      Something is getting shape. Slowly, slowly.
      What it could be? Who it could be? When will it be done?
      Lots of questions, no answers...

      Any guesses?


What a week

     Finally the week is over! Even though Tuesday was a holiday here and, consequently, no classes were taken neither on Monday or Tuesday, the last three days were packed of stuffs to do. Review to write, report to finish, music to learn, classes (boring ones). Now, Friday night, I finally have some free time to do something else! So yeah, I wasn't able to progress on papercrafting, I didn't print the templates from Project IV nor progressed modeling, building or anything related. Ok, I had one idea but only that.
     And that's it, it's been a quite busy week and therefore I don't have much more to say that will stay in topic so let's wait until tomorrow or Sunday when, hopefully, I'll have at least one new model built to share. :)
     Well, thank you for taking your time to read this small post that is basically saying that I'm still alive but with a completely unorganized schedule.


It's my life....

...and I'm too lazy to live it.
       Lots of things to do yet almost zero will to do...then times goes by and many things were postponed and the result is obvious right? Well, that's my life :)
       I still have to decide whether I'll finish my review as it is right now or if I'll add something else, I still need to research about what impacts on the social-economic demands had the aging of the population in my country (this is for tomorrow) and I still have to learn to play a few songs in...2 hours :P
       And yet I'm here writing this post! Yeah! But for the sake of doing everything I moved the keyboards closer to the pc and now it's standing right besides it so I can play it while on the pc....not that this is really something awesome. But who cares? At least I'm trying now :) Ah, it's been so long since last made a presentation on the keyboards....I don't even remember when it was.
       Fortunately today is just a rehearsal so it's no big deal....I don't even know who the band I'm playing with is! Nice right? Anyway, now a picture randomly added in the middle of the post:

       Wow! What a mess right? Yeah, that's my pc desk :). A completely unorganized desk! You can even see some heads there. But I cleaned it yesterday so it's unorganized but clean! That's what really matters. Well, that head is one model I have already designed and it's on it's final course. I thought I would be able to finish by yesterday but in the end I didn't. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for this. But not for the rehearsal so I'll end this post here and go back to the keyboard...not the pc keyboard ok? This one:

       I liked the unfocused effect in this picture. It was accidental but it turned out nice. Or not, who knows? Ok, enough of chatting, got things to do :P

Thank you for reading


Not everything goes smoothly in life but

      That print is gone. Just learned that it's NOT a good idea to print a colored model using an ink jet. It's even worse if it's on a glossy paper. Really bad idea. The ink won't penetrate the paper and it'll easily splodge. And also it looks like on this situation it's much easier to see the oiliness of my hands on the ink.
Splodge ink

Oil from my hands

      I really can't keep on building it like this so I decided to trash it all and will re-print it later. Maybe on Wednesday or even tomorrow if I find a store.
      Meanwhile I still have lots of stuffs in my do-to list.
      To do list:
       ♣nothing ( )
       ♥build other printed models ( )
       ♦testbuild a model ( )
       ♠write a review from an article (/)
       •research about how the changes on the age of population affected the social and economics demands on the country ( )
       ◘finish modeling my next model ( )
       ○edit a CF model to see if I can turn it into an easy model ( )
       §nothing (x)
       ◙edit a Tails model to see if I can turn it into an easy model ( )
       ♪learn how to play a few musics for tomorrow ( )
       ♫compose a song ( )
       ☺learn about the mysteries of the forgotten dungeon located somewhere between nothing and nowhere ( )
       ☻nothing (x)
       ♂think about what else I have to do (x)
       ♀nothing (x)
       ▼sleep ( )

      Well, as it can be seen, I have lots of stuffs to do. I think I'll start with the last one from the list.:)
      Now, some of the things I have to do are more important than others so I should focus on those. Priorities, priorities. Therefore I'll start with the first one from the list! :D
      Ok, seriously, I do have to learn a few songs for tomorrow. The review and the research about population is for Friday but these are important so I guess I'll focus on those. After that I think I'm going to test build the other model I have already done. This model I didn't show here yet for some reason but I think I'm going to keep it like this and will unveil it when it's completely done.
      Now off to do what have to be done! *the bed awaits*

Thank you for reading


Not everything goes smoothly in life

     Yes. I decided to finally start testbuilding my fourth model but as the title says, not everything goes smoothly in life. Like I said before, for this colored version I decided to print in an ink jet printer to see how it would turn out, compare the quality and all that. Well, the result is not really interesting.

      As it can be seen, the ink is getting off the paper. It's probably because it's soaked with ink. Well, this gives such an ugly result and also mess the rest of the model.

      Yes, what gets off from part of the paper can get back to the paper...well, not that many pieces got dirty with the extra ink and that piece circled is not really important but still. I wonder what will happen if I apply glue to it. Will it become an even greater mess? Will it not? I don't know, guess I'll have to find out.
      I think all this made me lose the interest to finish this model. I'm almost trashing this to reprint using a laser jet printer and try again from scratch...but I think that I'll still give it a try to see how it'll turn out.

Guess that's it.
Thank you for reading.


Finally arrived!

      Today's post has nothing to do with papercraft.
      Well, today a pack I was waiting arrived! It was a long wait! I have ordered this pack last year and after a few troubles here and there it finally arrived! Yes! :)
      Ok, actually I didn't order this last year...I kind of ordered last year. Better saying, part of this pack I've ordered last year. Yes, it's something like that. But what have arrived? These:
Voices - Music from Final Fantasy
Field of View ~Final Live~
       I arrived at home at almost 18:00, found out the package, ate dinner and decided to take a look at these so I think it's easy to guess that I didn't do anything papercraft related :P
       And what do I mean by "ordered part last year"? Well, it's a long short story so I guess I'll tell here. Last December I decided to order the Final Fantasy DVD because I had seem two clips of the DVD on Youtube and got really interested in this and also on the store I bought they're having a promotion in which they were giving card holders for those who bought one of the FF related lists in their list (which included this DVD) so I decided to buy because I wanted the DVD and the card holder looked pretty cool. To also receive a discount coupon I ended up ordering a clock also just to add some extra on the total to be eligible to receive the coupon and asked for the cheapest shipping method (which would be SAL). Long story short the package didn't arrive, unfortunately so I contacted the store and they promptly offered a refund or a resend of the package free of charge. Unfortunately, again, they did not have another clock on their stock so they refunded me the value of the clock and resend the DVD. Since they're already sending me this I decided to also order the Field of View DVD and also asked them to send me through registered air mail so I could at least have a number to search for if the package didn't arrive. Fortunately this time the pack arrived safely.
       It's actually the first time that my order didn't arrive. It was so sad because when they shipped the second package the promotion for the card holder had already ended so I didn't receive it nor the clock that I was looking forward :(
But at least this time the package arrived and I can finally watch these. Today I watched the FF DVD and tomorrow I'll probably watch the Field of View. Or maybe I'll build a papercraft tomorrow, who knows? :)

Thank you for reading.



Note: You may skip the part written in italic as it's completely useless to the context of this blog. What really matters is written in red.

 Sunday is gone
 Easter is in the past
 As the time goes by
 Monday arrives
 And the test is done
 How sad it was
 Studied or died
 The test is not a lie
 But my will was

      Enough of all this right? No metric, no rhymes, no nothing. I am not a writer nor a poet so to hell with this. What it really matter is that Sunday is gone and so is Easter and today is Monday, not the beginning of the week since the week started yesterday (yes, Sunday is the beginning). And the catholic god, according to my sources, rested on Saturday NOT on Sunday. Yet people also rests on Sunday...well, I guess it's because we shouldn't try to be better than the god we believe in otherwise it wouldn't make sense to worship someone that's worse than us as a god right? Come on, if I work seven days a week why should I worship a lazy dude who had to rest for one day? No sense at all! That's why we should all rest two days!

      But I'm not here to talk about this either (even though I ended up doing so). What really matters is that I finally printed the templates for Project IV and can finally build it's colored version! Yes! And here's the proof:
Project IV templates
       I don't know if it's noticeable but this one was printed on an ink printer and not on a laser printer so the quality is not that great but I choose this because I wanted to see how it would turn out since if I end up buying a printer it'll probably be a ink jet and not a laser jet (even though I prefer the latter).
Actually I decided to print using a ink jet because it was cheaper thus allowing me to print two pages and not one.
    [storytelling mode] I arrived on the printing store with R$3 in my pocket and asked how much it would be to print a full 170gms A4 page. He said it would be R$2,50 and since I wanted to print two pages it would cost me R$5. Yes, simple math. Unfortunately I didn't have the money (yes, 3!=5) so I said I would print only one page but since we're talking about a capitalist society the guy there aimed for higher profits so he offered to print on the ink jet printer since it would be cheaper. And by coincidence it would cost me R$3! Than I thought: "Why not? This way I'll be able to check the quality of a model printed using an ink jet." So I took his offer and that's the history of this journey. [/storytelling mode]
        So this means I'll probably be releasing this model by the end of the week! Yay, another new model to the list!

Thank you for reading.


What am I up to II

      Well, it's already Sunday here (00:09) so it means it's Easter.
      Now to the important part.
      Ok, there's no important part today, again.
      I'm not going to eat a chocolate egg because there's none at home just like I said on my last post) and I also won't buy one in the near future. Maybe next month if I happen to find a sale of it. Otherwise I rather buy some chocolate bar and eat it like that.
      I was also building one model right? Well, here are some pictures of it:

Tsukina The body is here....
Tsukina It should stand still but I think it would stay up
      And guess what...it can't stay still! Wow, what a genius I am right?
      Ok, so after that I glues her head and...

Photobucket Photobucket

      Ta-dah! That's the result. Well, there are some minor details that I didn't add like some wings on her feet, part of her hair that I forgot to glue in the process and if I glue it now it'll look horrible, I also can't find a good place to add her ears (human ears AND cat ears) and I still have to build her hammer. I actually think that the model is looking good enough the way it's right now but I guess I'll at least make her hammer :)

      Later today I will finish my studies and maybe I'll start building another model since I have something around 3 or 4 templates printed that are waiting to be built :P
      And for those who commemorate and care about this, Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate ok? It gives acne! :P

Thank you for reading.

ps: You now realize that "studies" contains "dies"