Everything has a starting point

Welcome to my little corner on the web.
I'm normally seem around the internet as shadowmoon or shadow_moon. Sometimes you may also see me as daice.
Now, what is this all about? Who am I? Why am I doing this? And WHAT am I doing?
Let's start answering the questions.

What is this all about? Why am I doing this? WHAT am I doing?
This is just a blog that I decided to create and hope to maintain. I figured this would be a nice way to organize and share my own papercraft designs and maybe even try to help others on the art of designing papercraft (not that I'm an expert or anything). Since there are lots and lots of blogs/sites out there aimed for sharing papercrafts from various sources so I'm not going to use this blog for sharing some random papercraft I may find.
I know myself well enough so I know I'll end up using this blog also to chat about some useless stuff from daily life so don't mind ok?

Who am I?
I'm just someone who decidede to start a blog to share papercrafts. My real name/face is not that important here, is it? Ill just refer to myself as shadowmoon or daice because these are the two nicks I normally use out there in the web.

And guess that's it. I still have lots of things to clean up here. I still have lots to learn about blogs and such (as you can see it' still pretty plain and all).
Later I'll post the first papercraft I have ever designed and shared to the world. That is, when I take a better picture of it done (or when I decide to build the final version of it, whichever comes first).
Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun reading this blog.


  1. I think I'm coming to Brazil on the 5th for some magic doodle if my brother will let me, I can ask him on Monday hopefully he'll say it's ok :)

  2. No brazil this weekend for me I'm afraid:(
    Bro says he just want's it to be him and his girl so maybe next time sorry.

  3. Yer sorry for this weekend and being a loser at least you get to have a fun time were I just end up watching some terrible TV program with Graham Norton in it, but hopefully I'm going to start gigging in Brazil some time soon I'm all ready to play so Il see if my bro can get me some shows it's hard trying to keep every one else round you happy well trying to make your self happy at the same time.
    One day me and you will have an ace band together and take the world by storm, I can be the mysterious drummer and you can be the sexy front lady, just keep practicing that music I truly believe that one day we will be the chosen ones :)



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