My first papercraft - SSB64 Hyrule Castle

Added a the templates in .pdf as requested

     So, here it is! The first papercraft I have ever designed!
Hyrule Castle

     As the title says it's the Hyrule Castle from Super Smash Brothers 64!
     Now to the details.
     I designed this papercraft because I though it would be easy to model and therefore would be a good choice for a beginner like me. I designed it using Google Sketchup (as some may recognize from the screen).
     Now, I think this is a pretty easy model to build, pretty straightforward and all so I didn't even bother writing instructions for it. I would say that this is a good choice for those of you who have already started on the art of papercrafting but aren't confident enough to start building some more complex models. This could be your second or third build without a problem.
     Here are some more screenshots of the model from other angles:

Front view:
Hyrule Castle Front View

Top view:
Hyrule Caslte Top View

     And here's the finished model:
Hyrule Castle Finished

Download link (templates in PNG):

Download link (templates in PDF):

     Some may have seem this already on papercraft museum or on /po/ as I have already released this before but now I'm officially sharing it!
     Have fun and remember to read the "Read Me.txt" available on the rar!

PS: I didn't write a building guide for this because I though it was a pretty straightforward papercraft but if you have any question feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail (address on "About me").


  1. hi its me Prife7 and i have finished the tutorial... but i think its a short one but easy to understand... just that it is in spanish

    i looked your hyrule castle and i was going to do one but the yours is great

    ill be watching your new jobs and i hope you take a look to mines

    ^^ see you

  2. now that's what i call from the ground up!
    good design, especially for a first time!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the compliments.
    It's good to receive some opinions :)

  4. Clearly, you are talented to be able to pull this off on your first try. I can't wait to see what else you've made!

  5. This is so cool! Maybe one day I'll give it a try. I'm not an artist but this looks really neat.

  6. I can't download it. Can you please make it into a PDF file?

  7. can you please make a pdf !!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. As requested I added the templates in .pdf....though if you don't mind, could you explain what's the problem you encountered with the .png files? Or was the .rar the problem?

  9. I can't download it becase I have adobe reader can you help me???

  10. @Anonymous
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I think you're making a mistake here.
    Having adobe reader or not does not enables or disable you to download the file.
    I believe that you're not recognizing the file extension you're downloading. It's a .rar file. It's a container basically and you need either WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip or any other decompressor to open it.
    Search for "7zip" on your favorite search engine, download and install the program and than try to open the file.


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