My papercrafting history - part II

     So, I really got into papercrafting. It's fun and the results end up turning pretty good looking and it's also cool to put these on your desk to show to your friends and say "I built those!". In the end I decided to keep doing it since I had all the material needed and there were a lot of models I wanted to build.
     Time goes by, November ended, December came and I've built more models. Nice and all but something told me I wanted more. It's not that I wasn't interested in building the models available on the internet, it's not that I couldn't find good looking models to build but still I wanted something more. That's when I heard about designing paper models. I though:
     "Hell, why not? After all I have free time and it's something that may turn out well!"
      And so I decided that I was going to learn how to create my own models from scratch so I could say that I have "made" the models and not only "built" them. I knew some people ripped the 3D models from games and used those to transform into paper models, I got kind of interested on that but after I made some more research on the topic I gave up. Even though the models were in a level that I would never reach as a designer those weren't done with my own sweat. And so I decided that I would create my models from scratch for sure.
      All I had to do now was to find out which programs to use. And a whole new world appeared in front of me. There are so many 3D modeling programs! Sketchup, Maya, AutoCAD, Milkshape, Metasequoia, Blender and tons of others! Which one should I use? Which one is the best of the best? How am I supposed to choose? Some people say that it's horrible to have just a few options and I say that it's horrible to have so many options. In the end I decided to narrow my options to programs that I were either freeware or had a shareware version that could be used. From all the options I decided to try Sketchup, Metasequoia and Blender because all of these can be used freely even though the two former have some functions that are only available on the full version, which you have to pay for and also because these 3 programs seemed to be the programs that most of the papercraft designers used.

      Built Models Here are other two models I've built. First one is a megaman enemy and the second one is the Black Mage from Final Fantasy IX.

      And how did my testing (aka fooling around) with the programs turned out? Well, I'll write about it another day because now I'm pretty tired already and I have a text to read so don't miss the next episode!

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Thank you for reading!


  1. Hi there!

    Haha cool, paper crafting is something to brag indeed! I can only go "I have read those!" "I have watched those!" etc. because I read books and watch movies a lot. Those are probably the only things I'm proud of. But you, paper crafting!

    Haha, I remember that little dude from Megaman and Vivi from FFIX!

    Much Love,

  2. Well:
    I think that art (in differents branches) is really a big treasure for human being life and if one person is doing with the heart is even better. It seems you really like and enjoying in making, very nice!.
    Regards from Italy

  3. Another piece of genius. I have been following your blog. I have realized how fun and creative paper craft can be.Keep it up.

  4. @HalfCrazy
    Oh, papercrafting is not hard! Unless you start with some uber complex model, of course.
    Otherwise it's something anyone can do! Give it a shot!
    Besides allowing you to brag about it (hehe) it also helps you improve your concentration and your 3D vision.

    @Francesca Romana ALEGI
    Yes, I do agree. Not only art but anything we do with our hearts in it will give a better result. Be it a painting, a sculpture, a music, a dish, anything.

    @Vinay Rai
    Yay! Papercrafting is all about it! Fun and creativeness.
    Glad to know you think the same!


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