Next project! Project IV?

      All right, time for my next project.
      Seeing as there are newcomers and people who have completely no clue about paper models and this great hobby I decided to postpone my real fourth project (that I had already started but it's kind of hard) in order to create something simpler. A level one model or something along those lines. I know there are lots of easy ones, specially those cube crafts but I personally dislike the cubee ones so I decided to give it a try on creating something easy yet good looking model. I hope I can make it happen.
      I already had an idea of an easy model but now that I'm actually doing it it's proving to be harder than I though it would be. I need to think of ways to make things simple yet resembling what I want to resemble. Good god, this can be hard sometimes.
      Enough of talking, here's a little taste of what I'm doing:

Project IV

      Another humanoid? Yeah, that's all I know how to design :P
      I need to learn how to design other objects seeing I don't know how to design stuffs like animals, cars, robots, goods and whatever. Well, that's another topic that'll be left to another post ok? For now I'll go back to my project and hope to finish it soon....if college allows me to.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm not creative. I'll probably just crumple the papers or doodle in it LOL. So I'll leave the paper crafting abilities to ya.

    It's cool that you're starting with humanoids. That's the right way to go, start with what you know! You'll probably learn a lot while on that little 'journey' of paper crafting LOL.

  2. Ah, being creative is important if you're creating your own model.
    It's also important when you're building but it's not that important!
    And you say you'll probably just crumple or doodle in the paper...but you can't say for sure that it'll happen right?

    I decided to start an easier project to try to give some incentive for newcomers just like yourself so I would be glad if you tried though I do understand that you may prefer not to.


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