Project III - The Girl

     Well, since I didn't received any suggestion for the name of this project I think I'll call it The Girl for now. I'll see if I come up with a better name later(maybe Sarah? Blonde anime girls normally have english names so why not?).

     Updates! Updates on the model!
     Here's the current stage of the model:
     The Girl

     As you can see I have already added some textures on her. She already have a face :) and you can bet that it was the most difficult texture to do. God how long did I spend to paint that eye on Paint.Net? How many tries did I take to get a satisfying result? I don't know as I didn't count.
     Either way, there are some details that I want to check before doing the unfold. I'm not satisfied with her feet and I think I'll re-do her right hand (the one with doing the "V").
     The Girl

     I don't know when I'll finish this model but I hope it'll be available by the end of the next week. Maybe next Saturday or Sunday though I can't guarantee as I'm doing all the work alone and I still have to worry about college.

     So, does anyone have a suggestion for her name? Should I name her "Sarah" (or Sara, whatever) or not? Meanwhile I'll tag this and the other posts that I talk about her as "The Girl - Sarah".
     Feel free to leave opinions, feedback or suggestion here on the comment area or at my e-mail.

Thank you for reading


  1. I say go with Sarah, that will work. lol

  2. Yes, I agree with the previous comment. it seems very good and you can go ahead with Sarah.


  3. Hmmm. But what about her surname? What about Sarah Scroll? As in paper "scroll". I'm just kidding. I'm just dumbstruck by how elaborate all of this papercraft stuff is! I just don't think I could do it!


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