Project III - Sarah + etc II

    So, it's 21:30, Monday and here am I writing a blog entry.
    Unfortunately I didn't work much on this project today as I left home at 7:30 and got back at 17:30. I did some editing and started unfolding it today but didn't have much progress. I believe I'll have some problems unfolding her right hand (the one doing the "V") and Pepakura is accusing that one hand of having opened vertices though the model is actually fine. Well, either way I gave up trying to fix it and will keep going and see the result.
    My guess is that I'll have to simplify her hand because if I leave it as it is right now the unfold will result in some really small pieces.
    That's pretty much all I did. I already have some ideas for my next projects but I don't think I'll work on two projects at the same time because it would slow down both too much.

    Now some rants about life.
    Holy cow, I still have 40 pages of text to read for tomorrow's class. I have less than 13 hours to read everything and I still have to sleep 8 hours and will spend more 1 hour doing my own necessities. I guess I should read it in the toilette or whatever. I think I'll end up not reading this as I still have some other stuff to do. Yeah, college is there and things needs to be done. But I'll still try to update this daily with posts that have some relation with papercrafts.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Interesting...didn't know that you can use computer program to design this paper craft projects. Good luck on your classes!


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