Project III - Sarah + etc

     Sunday, the day we do nothing and worry only about how long until Monday starts.
     Well, today I did worked a little on Sarah's model (yeah, decided to stick with this name) and it's almost finished. I think I'll already send it to Pepakura to do the unfold so I can see better if there's something I need to change before printing.
Here's a screenshot of the exploded model:

     Sarah Exploded view
     As you can see I changed her boots and did some minor changes on the hair that it's not visible with these screenshots.

     That's pretty much all I did with this model today.
     Now to the etc part.

     I would like to thank for those who are interested in my work. There are already 3 followers and I'm happy with that. I'm really glad to know that there are people who likes and are interested on what I'm doing. This motivates me to keep going.

     Also I want to say thank you for everyone who's posting comments on my posts. I'm sorry that I'm not answering every one but time sometimes is scarce, specially now that college have already started and I end up spending my time having classes (boring ones) but I read every comment posted. I'll try to keep posting once a day be it by showing some updates on my WIP or by posting something else like tutorials or just some random information.

     If anyone have any suggestions be it about models, tutorials or anything feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Thank you for reading

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