Project III

     Well, I don't know how I'm going to call this papercraft yet. Since she is my original creation I think I should give her a name or at least give this project a name but I don't know how to call. I'm pretty bad at giving names. Someone wants to give her a name? I'm taking suggestions so feel free to drop something on the comments ok? It's better if she has a name so it'll be easier to tag the posts too.

     Meanwhile, here's another update on here. Just some minor changes on her hair that I made. I simplified her hair and decided to keep the details to be added by the texture.

Project III

     Not much to add besides this. Modeling is not a real easy task and takes quite a long time to do it.
     Papercraft is not something to be done in a rush, it needs time, unless you want your model to end up looking bad.

     So, guess that's it. If you come up with some interesting name for her than let me know.

thank you for reading


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  2. I don't have the words, the piece of art is truly fantabulous.

  3. That is quite amazing, I am not nearly that talented.

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