Project IV - updates

Well, it's Monday, 20:30 local time and I'm dead tired. I am almost sleeping but since I'm here I decided to make a new post here and show how things are going with this project.
Project IV

As we can see the modeling process is complete, all I have to do now is finish the texture. Actually I could leave it like that but I will add a texture for the hair and I'll also think if I'm going to add some extra texture to her clothes.
Well, it's all I have to show for now. I already tried to unfold and it didn't present any problem though the real test will be when I try to built it.

Ok, hopefully tomorrow I'll post again as today I'm dead tired and I'm probably going to sleep now.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Reply from previous post: I don't know, I'm just not really creative. I tried doing some things with paper but they usually end up bad. I don't have time for it LOL. Hmm, incentives?

    - - -
    This post is dripping with tiredness LOL. Wonder what happens next!

  2. When I posted this I was really tired. It was hard to keep my eyes opened.
    At present time I'm one stage before so in a few hours I'll be in the same stage.

    Well, it's true that you need time for doing these. You can't do these in a rush otherwise it'll end up looking horrible but you can always focus like half an hour per day. It's not much but with this you can already build some models. :)

    If you need more incentives just tell and I'll try to provide you and anyone who needs with more incentives.


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