Quick update

Well, since my college classes started I've been really tired.
I'm still not used to the schedule and the routine and the climate is also not helping. Since the beginning of the year that has been pretty hot though on these latest weeks the temperature has risen a lot. This troubles me because sometimes I come back home at lunch time (normally at 12:00) and the sun is cracking the floor.
This and the fact that I'm pretty useless when it comes to organize my time makes it hard to keep up with everything but hopefully things will get to their places and life will get back into a routine I can follow up.

What's new?
Started a Twitter account. Nothing fancy nor anything, just decided to take a look and see what's all the hype about.
Here's my link on Twitter: Shadowmoon87 Twitter
Check if you if you have a Twitter account ok?

I finished building my final version of the SSB64 Hyrule Castle and I just need to take pictures of it.
Will give more details tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Another papercraft design is on it's way. Let's see when I'll be able to show some previews of it to the world. Let's see when I'll be able to find some free time (that I'm not tired enough to only want to sleep) to give some previews of it.

Guess there's no fourth, only three.

That's it.
Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail.


  1. wow.. i love this blog if you don't mind I also love Origami and other paper experiments.. nice blog really wow..


  2. What a great idea for a blog keep it up really interesting.

  3. Thanks for the comments and compliments.
    Will work on raising the level of the blog.

    My guess is that I'm going to update at least once a week because of my college routine but will try to make it as frequent as possible. Not everyday but as frequent as I can. :)

  4. Come on there has got to be a fourth, jk


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