SSB64 Hyrule Castle update + Next project

Ok, so I have finally built the final version of the SSB64 model and took the pictures of it. Now I have finished updating the .rar and will update the old post with a new picture and new download links.

Now, my next project is just something I decided to create to see how good my ability on metaseq is. Here we have a 4 view screenshot of the model:
New 3D model
As you can see it's just girl doing a "V" with her hand. Nothing fancy, just something I decided to model to see my level. It's looking pretty good and all specially if we consider that I'm doing all from scratch (no, it's not a ripped model nor anything similar).

It probably won't take me too long more to finish this model. I'll keep updating on this one as frequently as I can.

I do have a queue list of things I want to model and I do have some other stuffs I have in mind that I'm thinking about posting here. I'm also trying to learn more about SEO and other stuff from this blogging world that I'm completely unaware of so I don't know what I'm going to give priority. I should give give priority to college but whatever.

I think this model will end up looking good and no, it's not any specific character, it's an original character designed by me! Yeah!

Thank you for reading

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  1. It is good. appreciations for the effort. Keep it up and keep update as well.



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