Totoro papercraft updates

Unfortunately the site I use to host the pictures is under maintenance...actually expanding something there and due to that I am unable to upload new pictures so.
So, to give an update on what's happening on my life. Since monday my classes at college started so now I'm not with so much free time on my hands as I was when I started this blog. Well, at least now I do have to wake up earlier and have some responsibilities so I guess that my progress on papercrafts will be slowed down a little.
About the Totoro model, how's it going?
I have already printed and built almost every part, I just need to close the main body and attach everything on it and it'll be done. After doing this I'm going to write a simple guide on how to build it and than I'll release the model to the public. I hope to do this until Sunday. It is, in fact, a simple model to build and all, maybe just the arms/hands is harder to visualize so I'm thinking of writing the guide focusing on that.
Major details will be given with the model as I intend to release with a Read Me.txt file or will add the details together with the building guide.

That's it for today, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post again and with pictures.

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