Finally the week is over

     Finally! Tomorrow is holiday so the week ends today. Even though I do have some stuff to do I'm so fed up that I don't know if I'll do. Well, I probably will because I have to but not tomorrow. Now I don't know what I'm going to do, so many things in the leisure time list. Only now I got time to work on my models again so I guess I could finish that model from the last post (which is still in the same stage, yeah, I progressed nothing). I bet I'll do that, now I'll go and try to find something to watch.
      This is just a small update to tell that I'm still not dead.

Thank you for reading.


Something is still being made

Here's a little update.
This is just while I don't re-print the templates from Project IV.
Here are the pictures showing my progress.

Papercraft        Papercraft


Something is being made

      Something is getting shape. Slowly, slowly.
      What it could be? Who it could be? When will it be done?
      Lots of questions, no answers...

      Any guesses?


What a week

     Finally the week is over! Even though Tuesday was a holiday here and, consequently, no classes were taken neither on Monday or Tuesday, the last three days were packed of stuffs to do. Review to write, report to finish, music to learn, classes (boring ones). Now, Friday night, I finally have some free time to do something else! So yeah, I wasn't able to progress on papercrafting, I didn't print the templates from Project IV nor progressed modeling, building or anything related. Ok, I had one idea but only that.
     And that's it, it's been a quite busy week and therefore I don't have much more to say that will stay in topic so let's wait until tomorrow or Sunday when, hopefully, I'll have at least one new model built to share. :)
     Well, thank you for taking your time to read this small post that is basically saying that I'm still alive but with a completely unorganized schedule.


It's my life....

...and I'm too lazy to live it.
       Lots of things to do yet almost zero will to do...then times goes by and many things were postponed and the result is obvious right? Well, that's my life :)
       I still have to decide whether I'll finish my review as it is right now or if I'll add something else, I still need to research about what impacts on the social-economic demands had the aging of the population in my country (this is for tomorrow) and I still have to learn to play a few songs in...2 hours :P
       And yet I'm here writing this post! Yeah! But for the sake of doing everything I moved the keyboards closer to the pc and now it's standing right besides it so I can play it while on the pc....not that this is really something awesome. But who cares? At least I'm trying now :) Ah, it's been so long since last made a presentation on the keyboards....I don't even remember when it was.
       Fortunately today is just a rehearsal so it's no big deal....I don't even know who the band I'm playing with is! Nice right? Anyway, now a picture randomly added in the middle of the post:

       Wow! What a mess right? Yeah, that's my pc desk :). A completely unorganized desk! You can even see some heads there. But I cleaned it yesterday so it's unorganized but clean! That's what really matters. Well, that head is one model I have already designed and it's on it's final course. I thought I would be able to finish by yesterday but in the end I didn't. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for this. But not for the rehearsal so I'll end this post here and go back to the keyboard...not the pc keyboard ok? This one:

       I liked the unfocused effect in this picture. It was accidental but it turned out nice. Or not, who knows? Ok, enough of chatting, got things to do :P

Thank you for reading


Not everything goes smoothly in life but

      That print is gone. Just learned that it's NOT a good idea to print a colored model using an ink jet. It's even worse if it's on a glossy paper. Really bad idea. The ink won't penetrate the paper and it'll easily splodge. And also it looks like on this situation it's much easier to see the oiliness of my hands on the ink.
Splodge ink

Oil from my hands

      I really can't keep on building it like this so I decided to trash it all and will re-print it later. Maybe on Wednesday or even tomorrow if I find a store.
      Meanwhile I still have lots of stuffs in my do-to list.
      To do list:
       ♣nothing ( )
       ♥build other printed models ( )
       ♦testbuild a model ( )
       ♠write a review from an article (/)
       •research about how the changes on the age of population affected the social and economics demands on the country ( )
       ◘finish modeling my next model ( )
       ○edit a CF model to see if I can turn it into an easy model ( )
       §nothing (x)
       ◙edit a Tails model to see if I can turn it into an easy model ( )
       ♪learn how to play a few musics for tomorrow ( )
       ♫compose a song ( )
       ☺learn about the mysteries of the forgotten dungeon located somewhere between nothing and nowhere ( )
       ☻nothing (x)
       ♂think about what else I have to do (x)
       ♀nothing (x)
       ▼sleep ( )

      Well, as it can be seen, I have lots of stuffs to do. I think I'll start with the last one from the list.:)
      Now, some of the things I have to do are more important than others so I should focus on those. Priorities, priorities. Therefore I'll start with the first one from the list! :D
      Ok, seriously, I do have to learn a few songs for tomorrow. The review and the research about population is for Friday but these are important so I guess I'll focus on those. After that I think I'm going to test build the other model I have already done. This model I didn't show here yet for some reason but I think I'm going to keep it like this and will unveil it when it's completely done.
      Now off to do what have to be done! *the bed awaits*

Thank you for reading


Not everything goes smoothly in life

     Yes. I decided to finally start testbuilding my fourth model but as the title says, not everything goes smoothly in life. Like I said before, for this colored version I decided to print in an ink jet printer to see how it would turn out, compare the quality and all that. Well, the result is not really interesting.

      As it can be seen, the ink is getting off the paper. It's probably because it's soaked with ink. Well, this gives such an ugly result and also mess the rest of the model.

      Yes, what gets off from part of the paper can get back to the paper...well, not that many pieces got dirty with the extra ink and that piece circled is not really important but still. I wonder what will happen if I apply glue to it. Will it become an even greater mess? Will it not? I don't know, guess I'll have to find out.
      I think all this made me lose the interest to finish this model. I'm almost trashing this to reprint using a laser jet printer and try again from scratch...but I think that I'll still give it a try to see how it'll turn out.

Guess that's it.
Thank you for reading.


Finally arrived!

      Today's post has nothing to do with papercraft.
      Well, today a pack I was waiting arrived! It was a long wait! I have ordered this pack last year and after a few troubles here and there it finally arrived! Yes! :)
      Ok, actually I didn't order this last year...I kind of ordered last year. Better saying, part of this pack I've ordered last year. Yes, it's something like that. But what have arrived? These:
Voices - Music from Final Fantasy
Field of View ~Final Live~
       I arrived at home at almost 18:00, found out the package, ate dinner and decided to take a look at these so I think it's easy to guess that I didn't do anything papercraft related :P
       And what do I mean by "ordered part last year"? Well, it's a long short story so I guess I'll tell here. Last December I decided to order the Final Fantasy DVD because I had seem two clips of the DVD on Youtube and got really interested in this and also on the store I bought they're having a promotion in which they were giving card holders for those who bought one of the FF related lists in their list (which included this DVD) so I decided to buy because I wanted the DVD and the card holder looked pretty cool. To also receive a discount coupon I ended up ordering a clock also just to add some extra on the total to be eligible to receive the coupon and asked for the cheapest shipping method (which would be SAL). Long story short the package didn't arrive, unfortunately so I contacted the store and they promptly offered a refund or a resend of the package free of charge. Unfortunately, again, they did not have another clock on their stock so they refunded me the value of the clock and resend the DVD. Since they're already sending me this I decided to also order the Field of View DVD and also asked them to send me through registered air mail so I could at least have a number to search for if the package didn't arrive. Fortunately this time the pack arrived safely.
       It's actually the first time that my order didn't arrive. It was so sad because when they shipped the second package the promotion for the card holder had already ended so I didn't receive it nor the clock that I was looking forward :(
But at least this time the package arrived and I can finally watch these. Today I watched the FF DVD and tomorrow I'll probably watch the Field of View. Or maybe I'll build a papercraft tomorrow, who knows? :)

Thank you for reading.



Note: You may skip the part written in italic as it's completely useless to the context of this blog. What really matters is written in red.

 Sunday is gone
 Easter is in the past
 As the time goes by
 Monday arrives
 And the test is done
 How sad it was
 Studied or died
 The test is not a lie
 But my will was

      Enough of all this right? No metric, no rhymes, no nothing. I am not a writer nor a poet so to hell with this. What it really matter is that Sunday is gone and so is Easter and today is Monday, not the beginning of the week since the week started yesterday (yes, Sunday is the beginning). And the catholic god, according to my sources, rested on Saturday NOT on Sunday. Yet people also rests on Sunday...well, I guess it's because we shouldn't try to be better than the god we believe in otherwise it wouldn't make sense to worship someone that's worse than us as a god right? Come on, if I work seven days a week why should I worship a lazy dude who had to rest for one day? No sense at all! That's why we should all rest two days!

      But I'm not here to talk about this either (even though I ended up doing so). What really matters is that I finally printed the templates for Project IV and can finally build it's colored version! Yes! And here's the proof:
Project IV templates
       I don't know if it's noticeable but this one was printed on an ink printer and not on a laser printer so the quality is not that great but I choose this because I wanted to see how it would turn out since if I end up buying a printer it'll probably be a ink jet and not a laser jet (even though I prefer the latter).
Actually I decided to print using a ink jet because it was cheaper thus allowing me to print two pages and not one.
    [storytelling mode] I arrived on the printing store with R$3 in my pocket and asked how much it would be to print a full 170gms A4 page. He said it would be R$2,50 and since I wanted to print two pages it would cost me R$5. Yes, simple math. Unfortunately I didn't have the money (yes, 3!=5) so I said I would print only one page but since we're talking about a capitalist society the guy there aimed for higher profits so he offered to print on the ink jet printer since it would be cheaper. And by coincidence it would cost me R$3! Than I thought: "Why not? This way I'll be able to check the quality of a model printed using an ink jet." So I took his offer and that's the history of this journey. [/storytelling mode]
        So this means I'll probably be releasing this model by the end of the week! Yay, another new model to the list!

Thank you for reading.


What am I up to II

      Well, it's already Sunday here (00:09) so it means it's Easter.
      Now to the important part.
      Ok, there's no important part today, again.
      I'm not going to eat a chocolate egg because there's none at home just like I said on my last post) and I also won't buy one in the near future. Maybe next month if I happen to find a sale of it. Otherwise I rather buy some chocolate bar and eat it like that.
      I was also building one model right? Well, here are some pictures of it:

Tsukina The body is here....
Tsukina It should stand still but I think it would stay up
      And guess what...it can't stay still! Wow, what a genius I am right?
      Ok, so after that I glues her head and...

Photobucket Photobucket

      Ta-dah! That's the result. Well, there are some minor details that I didn't add like some wings on her feet, part of her hair that I forgot to glue in the process and if I glue it now it'll look horrible, I also can't find a good place to add her ears (human ears AND cat ears) and I still have to build her hammer. I actually think that the model is looking good enough the way it's right now but I guess I'll at least make her hammer :)

      Later today I will finish my studies and maybe I'll start building another model since I have something around 3 or 4 templates printed that are waiting to be built :P
      And for those who commemorate and care about this, Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate ok? It gives acne! :P

Thank you for reading.

ps: You now realize that "studies" contains "dies"


What am I up to?

     It seems that the image host service I used to use is back to normal but either way I decided to give a try with photobucket. First because it seems more reliable, second because I already had an account there and third because the pictures I had uploaded on that account was still there and it's been more than one year since I last logged in so I thought that this was good enough.
     Obviously there'll always have something we don't like and this wasn't any different. Photobucket automatically resizes all the pictures we upload and the maximum size a free user can post is 1024x768 or resize it to a 1mb file. Because of that the background of this blog got resized and it looked different when I tried. To solve this problem I also created an account on imageshack though I don't like much that site's interface so I ended up using it only to host the background of the blog.
     Actually, the interface of Photobucket didn't appeal me but that was the only option I found that would allow me to host .png files and looked reliable. Though imageshack allows me to upload .png and looks reliable I though that between it's interface and photobucket's one I preferred the latter.
     So today I reuploaded all the photos to the new host and had to re-link in every post. Such a boring task to do on a holiday right? Well, not the most boring one I think. Monday is coming and with it a test. Yes, I have a test on Monday and I have yet to study so you can bet I'll spend some time of the weekend at home studying instead of eating Easter Eggs. Not that there's any here at home and probably there won't be since I'm not expecting to receive one and I have no intention to buy one since nowadays it's way too expensive (that's when I'm happy and sad that I'm not dating...there's no need to buy an Easter Egg yet I won't receive any, oh well, equivalent right?).
     What else?
     Last post I said I was building a new model right? Well, now that I moved to photobucket I'm able to post the picture of it. It's still not ready but here's what I have already done:

     This model is not that complex but it's not so easy since it doesn't come with instructions. Well, it comes with some reference pictures but those can be hardly called "instructions".
     And that's it. Now back to studying or something else. I don't believe I'm going to study now.

Thank you for reading.

ps: You now realize that "studying" contains "dying"


Rants & etc

     Well, it turned out that the image host service I'm using is pretty unstable and unreliable. It's been pretty unstable in the latest days and this is really pissing me off. Guess I will have to search for another host.
     Thinking about creating an account on photobucket or whatever. I believe that's a famous one and is probably more stable than the one I'm using right now. Well, I'll see with which one I will stick with. I do know that it's possible to upload on blogspot's own host but for some reason I'm still reluctant of using it's service.
     I used to use another one (shareapic) but that one also showed to be a little unstable and all that. I first decided on that because we got some revenue per image display but I think it's quite boring to see the pictures with some ads on the side and all so I decided to give that up and find another one. Found the one I'm using right now but it's also not looking that great...
     Ok, enough of this host blabbing. What I am up to now? It's holy week and this has no meaning for me. For me every week that I have no classes is a holy week so this one is yet another one. And I have yet to print the templates for Project IV (which I also happen to have to give a proper name :P)
     Meanwhile I decided to give a break on designing and get back to building someone else model so yes, I'm building another model but not my original. I would post a picture of it if the image host service were running but unfortunately it's not and I still have to find another reliable one.
     Since Friday is holiday I probably won't be able to find a place to print until Monday meaning I won't be able to make any progress on Project IV meanwhile (unless I decide the name of it :P) so don't expect anything about it on the next days.
     And this post will be photoless for obvious reasons. Tomorrow I'll seek for a host. Now I'll go back to building this model hoping it'll turn out good.

Thank you for reading.
edit: Well, it looks like the host got up again. Let's see for how long. This is the last chance.


Project IV? Now what?

     So, Project IV got stuck because of the same old problem of not having a printer at home. Sometimes I feel it's a waste to go and pay to print only one or two pages so I prefer to print 10 pages at once. Why I don't do this now? Well, I still have lots of other models printed here that still needs to be built and I don't want to print even more to let them sitting here.
     I could release the model right now and move forward to a new project, which I have already started but decided to halt to give this one the attention but I don't want to release this without building the colored version. Oh, dilemmas, dilemmas, what to do?
     Guess I'll end up printing only this one and release it.
     I'm also thinking on how to change the background of the blog because, as I expected, the text over the lighter part of the background is hard to read and I want to avoid this.
     And here's a picture of my desktop at the time of this posting. I'm adding this because I don't want to leave this post pictureless so here's it:

     I don't know why I keep the testbuild version of Sarah there. I think it's because it's a waste to trash her.
     Well, let's see how long it takes me to release this model right?

Thank you for reading.


Project IV updates

     So, what am I doing with this project? Well, I have printed it and have started building. As I said when I first presented this project, my intention was to make something easier yet attractive so to spark some interest on newcomers. With that said I decided to create something much simpler than Sarah and all and I present you the final version of the model.
     And as I was building, the model looked so bad. I blame three factors for this.
     1) For testbuilding I use normal printing paper (75gms) which ended up being too think for this project.
     2) The model is too small and there are some micro parts that I think will scare newcomers instead of attracting them.
     3) I'm building this WITHOUT TWEEZERS! I don't know WHERE THEY ARE!!! :(
     So, either way the main problem here is factor #2 because it defeats the main purpose of this project which is to serve as an incentive for newcomers and not a repellent.
     Yeah, the problems of life. To bee or not to bee? Not to bee, to ant.
     Disregarding the line right above, I decided to simplify even more this model and take away the parts that would complicate too much and in the end it turned out like this:
Project IV

     Don't mind the low quality. I accidentally saved the picture in jpg and as a consequence the quality was reduced drastically. Yes, I was sleeping when I saved this picture, maybe more than I am right now.
     Personally, I think it looks cute this way and it serves my purpose. By leaving this model like this I reduce my problems to just one that I won't tell what is right now because I don't want to tell exactly what I have in my mind with this project. Yes, I have some other ideas for this besides making this simply a simple model.
     So, opinions opinions! Does it looks good like this? Should I build her legs and arms and attach back? Would you build this if I leave it like this?

Thank you for reading.


My papercrafting history - part IV

     So, last episode we stopped when my HDD crashed right? Well, that's right, the brand new HDD had a problem and crashed. They sent me another one to replace but they couldn't retrieve all the archives from the old one. Luckily the one which crashed was partitioned and one partition had all my backed up files from some older HDD and on partition had the OS installed. Well, guess what? They could retrieve the files from the partition which had the OS installed but not from the other one. Great hum? Well, it's a fact that all my files were on the archive partition, including my programs and many papercraft templates I had collected but FORTUNATELY! Fortunately Sketchup was installed on the C drive and my first model was there too so within the files recovered this model was there.
     So, in other words I did not have to remake it, just had to modify some parts, some tabs here and there and it was ready to be released! So, one month after I had actually modeled it I was releasing the model to the general public. And after that I decided to keep modeling since it was fun and all that. To keep this already long story short, I decided to model that Totoro right after and had that girl, which ended up being named Sarah, in mind while I was modeling the Totoro. And while I was modeling Sarah I decided to start a blog to make it easier for me to keep promote my models and also this hobby.
Built Models

     And here you can see my latest builds. Built those for fun only as they took what? Half an hour to built?
     As you guys can see I still haven't built many models. Only 12 models that were not my designs plus 3 of my own models. I'm still an apprentice on this art and the continuation of this history is happening now.

Hope some of my readers gets interested in trying this hobby too. Some may say I'm a genius because I have started modeling after building only 9 or 8 models, others may say I'm nuts for doing so. I don't care. Even though I do believe that it's better to only start designing your models after you've built lots of models from other I decided it would take me too long so I took a shortcut. I did it for myself and if decide to give it a try, do it for the fun, do it for you.

Thank you for reading

Built Models

My papercrafting history part 1
My papercrafting history part 2
My papercrafting history part 3


New layout

     Yah, today's post has nothing to do with papercraft.
     Guess it's pretty obvious that I decided to change the template a little right? I decided to mess around a little with the background and get rid of those opaque columns and this is the result.
     The background is still not great and I need to learn how to fit it properly. Actually I need to first decide what's "properly". After that I'll learn how to fit it. The main problem is that since it's fixed I need something that goes well either short or long. The one that is right now is still not satisfying me enough. I think I need to research and learn a little bit more about customization before being able to do something good. It looks quite good when the page is short but when it's long I don't know, I feel it's missing something.
     As it can be seen the theme has nothing to do with papercrafts right? Yeah...I had a hard time thinking about a paper model related theme and couldn't think of anything that was within my skills so I decided to make something simpler, more monochromatic and all. My first thought was something black and white only but in the end the image of a city in the night came through my mind and I decided to make it black and blue. So in the end there's that moon on the header and the shadows on the bottom. There are some other customizations that I would like to do but I still need to learn how to do those and I still need to think how good they would blend with the present theme.

     Well, that's it! Later I may post again.

Thank you for reading.


Project IV - Updates II + etc

     Actually I didn't know what title to put since I don't really know about what I'm going to write today. I didn't post yesterday because I didn't have anything new to post. What about today? Well, my life is pretty much slow and all so nothing really exciting happens to me but anyway, back to what really matter to this blog.
     The current situation of Project IV. Today I have printed the monochromatic version of it and I hope to build it tomorrow and I think it won't take me too long since it's a one-page model.
     I don't have a picture of the template because the battery of the camera here is dead and I simply forgot to recharge and because the lines on the templates are so light that it probably wouldn't be possible to see a thing on a picture so I gave up taking a picture of it. I could take a screenshot of if and all but what's the fun of doing this right? So today's post won't have pictures.
    And today I remembered how and why I hate to print things through MS Pain(t). I always forget that the stupid program adjusts the image automatically to use the maximum number of pages possible to print the smallest picture. Yes, the program fits your 10x10 photo on four pages automatically. It's really smart, it worries about optimizing the use of paper. So in the end the template that should be only one page ended up being printed in 9 (NINE) pages. Yes, stupid. After seeing my mistake I reprinted and got it right but it still means that I used 10 pages to print this. It really hurts my heart to know I did this. I don't know if I should only blame the program for doing this automatically or if I should also blame myself for not remembering that this would happen. Either way I end up blaming myself for it.
     And I have an idea for this model but I need to find out how I'm going to make this idea to happen. I need to find a way and I hope to do this before releasing it.
     Well, at least today is Friday, end of the week and I can sleep until late tomorrow. So great!

Thanks for reading


Project IV - Updates

     Back to the updates.
     Here's the current stage of the model:
Project IV      Project IV

      Yes, it's just as it looks like. It's complete and only missing a testbuild but as we all know this is the part that takes the most for me to do so I hope to be able to do this by the end of the week though I cannot guarantee. I don't feel really comfortable printing these on the college since I'm supposed to print documents related to college work and all but whatever.
      And why I don't release this without testbuilding? First because I want to be sure that I'm releasing something that can be built. Though this is pretty simple and I'm almost 100% sure that it's buildable I still prefer to testbuild so I can fix/change some parts to make them even easier to build. And another reason is so I can take pictures of it done. With this said, hope to release this really soon.

Thank you for reading.