It's my life....

...and I'm too lazy to live it.
       Lots of things to do yet almost zero will to do...then times goes by and many things were postponed and the result is obvious right? Well, that's my life :)
       I still have to decide whether I'll finish my review as it is right now or if I'll add something else, I still need to research about what impacts on the social-economic demands had the aging of the population in my country (this is for tomorrow) and I still have to learn to play a few songs in...2 hours :P
       And yet I'm here writing this post! Yeah! But for the sake of doing everything I moved the keyboards closer to the pc and now it's standing right besides it so I can play it while on the pc....not that this is really something awesome. But who cares? At least I'm trying now :) Ah, it's been so long since last made a presentation on the keyboards....I don't even remember when it was.
       Fortunately today is just a rehearsal so it's no big deal....I don't even know who the band I'm playing with is! Nice right? Anyway, now a picture randomly added in the middle of the post:

       Wow! What a mess right? Yeah, that's my pc desk :). A completely unorganized desk! You can even see some heads there. But I cleaned it yesterday so it's unorganized but clean! That's what really matters. Well, that head is one model I have already designed and it's on it's final course. I thought I would be able to finish by yesterday but in the end I didn't. Oh well, there's still plenty of time for this. But not for the rehearsal so I'll end this post here and go back to the keyboard...not the pc keyboard ok? This one:

       I liked the unfocused effect in this picture. It was accidental but it turned out nice. Or not, who knows? Ok, enough of chatting, got things to do :P

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