My papercrafting history - part IV

     So, last episode we stopped when my HDD crashed right? Well, that's right, the brand new HDD had a problem and crashed. They sent me another one to replace but they couldn't retrieve all the archives from the old one. Luckily the one which crashed was partitioned and one partition had all my backed up files from some older HDD and on partition had the OS installed. Well, guess what? They could retrieve the files from the partition which had the OS installed but not from the other one. Great hum? Well, it's a fact that all my files were on the archive partition, including my programs and many papercraft templates I had collected but FORTUNATELY! Fortunately Sketchup was installed on the C drive and my first model was there too so within the files recovered this model was there.
     So, in other words I did not have to remake it, just had to modify some parts, some tabs here and there and it was ready to be released! So, one month after I had actually modeled it I was releasing the model to the general public. And after that I decided to keep modeling since it was fun and all that. To keep this already long story short, I decided to model that Totoro right after and had that girl, which ended up being named Sarah, in mind while I was modeling the Totoro. And while I was modeling Sarah I decided to start a blog to make it easier for me to keep promote my models and also this hobby.
Built Models

     And here you can see my latest builds. Built those for fun only as they took what? Half an hour to built?
     As you guys can see I still haven't built many models. Only 12 models that were not my designs plus 3 of my own models. I'm still an apprentice on this art and the continuation of this history is happening now.

Hope some of my readers gets interested in trying this hobby too. Some may say I'm a genius because I have started modeling after building only 9 or 8 models, others may say I'm nuts for doing so. I don't care. Even though I do believe that it's better to only start designing your models after you've built lots of models from other I decided it would take me too long so I took a shortcut. I did it for myself and if decide to give it a try, do it for the fun, do it for you.

Thank you for reading

Built Models

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  1. Re: College. College can be fun all the time! Well, for me, anyway. I don't study much LOL. I have a basic knowledge of HTML, I was a Computer Science student but I'm too lazy to tweak things now LOL. I'll test it on a blog, great idea! I have a blog I don't use lol.

    - - -

    I love all your works! My favorite is the Vivi one!

    Why don't you set a number that you wanna aim at this year? What about 500 models this year? LOL that would be awesome.

  2. your outputs are very good! keep it up and i hope you have lots of fun! you sound like you are very passionate about this! i wish you well.

  3. Your work is amazing. Do you sell your outputs online? I think you are professional enough to tern it into a business.

  4. I have to agree with NATALIE above, you're really good at this!

    I like saying "Paper" for some reason LOL.

  5. Well, I don't think the models I built are THAT good. Maybe they look better in the pictures but I still have a lot (and I really mean it) to improve.
    But I appreciate the compliments!
    Thanks! This is a great incentive to keep improving :)

    And no, I don't sell these. First because I don't think they're something worth any money, second because they're not my designs so I don't think it's ethical to sell without the permission of the designer (even though I could argue that I'm selling my work of building and not the design it self but still) and third because since it's made of paper it's kind of fragile so it's hard to transport and I wouldn't be able to ship it through the post service.

    The last reason is what prevents me of sending these models out. Yes, when I first started this blog I though about giving out some of these models to possible readers but unfortunately it's not viable :(

    Building 500 models in a year is waaaaay too insane for me! That's more than one per day! And I don't built even one per week! My present life doesn't allow me to spend that much building these.
    And what's so fun about talking "paper"? XD

    Thanks for the compliments!
    I surely enjoy building these but there are some that are really hard. ATM I'm with two models stalled because I'm feeling unable to build them due to the difficulty.

    Again, I appreciate the compliments!
    For me it would be hard to sell these models online because of the reasons I stated above and also because I'm only one so I wouldn't be able to cover too much demand.


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