New layout

     Yah, today's post has nothing to do with papercraft.
     Guess it's pretty obvious that I decided to change the template a little right? I decided to mess around a little with the background and get rid of those opaque columns and this is the result.
     The background is still not great and I need to learn how to fit it properly. Actually I need to first decide what's "properly". After that I'll learn how to fit it. The main problem is that since it's fixed I need something that goes well either short or long. The one that is right now is still not satisfying me enough. I think I need to research and learn a little bit more about customization before being able to do something good. It looks quite good when the page is short but when it's long I don't know, I feel it's missing something.
     As it can be seen the theme has nothing to do with papercrafts right? Yeah...I had a hard time thinking about a paper model related theme and couldn't think of anything that was within my skills so I decided to make something simpler, more monochromatic and all. My first thought was something black and white only but in the end the image of a city in the night came through my mind and I decided to make it black and blue. So in the end there's that moon on the header and the shadows on the bottom. There are some other customizations that I would like to do but I still need to learn how to do those and I still need to think how good they would blend with the present theme.

     Well, that's it! Later I may post again.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Re: excitement. Oh you're right, too many exciting stuff in College. Mine's gonna start again on April 20. Pretty excited to have new classmates!

    - - -

    You messed around with the layout? I'm afraid to mess up mine but I want to. My layout is looking a little sad, don't you think? LOL.

    I was expecting a sort of paper theme from you, haha! >:)

  2. not bad, hehe!
    btw, thanks for the comment..it was so inspiring..

    see yah around! gbu..


  3. The new template is much better than the old one. The black background suits your blog and adds to the creativity .

  4. Glad to hear some feedbacks.
    Well, college can be exciting or not. Mine is not THAT exciting...but that's life.

    You could always create a new blog for testing purpose you know? Create it and try to tweak the template. It's not THAT hard, specially if you have a basic knowledge of HTML.
    And yes, I was thinking about making something more related to paper works but I don't have enough skills for doing what I had in mind so I decided to keep with the idea of shadows and a moon :)

    Glad to know I was able to inspire you. I try my best to do so and it makes me happy to know my efforts aren't in vain.

    @Vinay Rai
    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it and I hope to improve not only my models but also the template as time goes by.


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