Not everything goes smoothly in life

     Yes. I decided to finally start testbuilding my fourth model but as the title says, not everything goes smoothly in life. Like I said before, for this colored version I decided to print in an ink jet printer to see how it would turn out, compare the quality and all that. Well, the result is not really interesting.

      As it can be seen, the ink is getting off the paper. It's probably because it's soaked with ink. Well, this gives such an ugly result and also mess the rest of the model.

      Yes, what gets off from part of the paper can get back to the paper...well, not that many pieces got dirty with the extra ink and that piece circled is not really important but still. I wonder what will happen if I apply glue to it. Will it become an even greater mess? Will it not? I don't know, guess I'll have to find out.
      I think all this made me lose the interest to finish this model. I'm almost trashing this to reprint using a laser jet printer and try again from scratch...but I think that I'll still give it a try to see how it'll turn out.

Guess that's it.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Aww, it kinda got ruined, man! Why don't you leave this model for a while and start another one for the meantime?

  2. wow papercraft! im so not good at it.. haha..
    anyway, it's an interesting hobby..
    just hope the pictures are larger..
    so that i can see the detail of the artwork better..
    haha..just a suggestion! all the best! =)

  3. well... you already printed it... you can still give it a try... its not really a bad thing to have a lower quality model, right...?? its a hobby though... what is important is the effort that you have put it in... whether it turn out nice or not, really depends on ourselves... there is 2 ways of viewing it... the first one is through your eyes... and another one is through your heart... ^^

  4. @HalfCrazy
    It's completely ruined!
    But whatever, it's not the end of my life...yet :)
    Let's see what I'll do now.

    Unfortunately photobucked resizes down to 1024x768 every picture on free accounts so it's useless for me to upload a photo in a bigger resolution. The other free host I was using accepted bigger ones but it was too unstable.

    I gave a try and it turned out even worse :)
    Sometimes we should keep going but sometimes we can start over from zero. If the second option is available and we can do it even better, why not? :)

  5. haha.. yeap, there is always an option to perform better... ^^

  6. Maybe not always but when there is, why not take the chance right?
    That's what I intend to do. Maybe I'll re-print it today or on Wednesday, don't know. It's all upon my mood to go o the store to print it.


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