Not everything goes smoothly in life but

      That print is gone. Just learned that it's NOT a good idea to print a colored model using an ink jet. It's even worse if it's on a glossy paper. Really bad idea. The ink won't penetrate the paper and it'll easily splodge. And also it looks like on this situation it's much easier to see the oiliness of my hands on the ink.
Splodge ink

Oil from my hands

      I really can't keep on building it like this so I decided to trash it all and will re-print it later. Maybe on Wednesday or even tomorrow if I find a store.
      Meanwhile I still have lots of stuffs in my do-to list.
      To do list:
       ♣nothing ( )
       ♥build other printed models ( )
       ♦testbuild a model ( )
       ♠write a review from an article (/)
       •research about how the changes on the age of population affected the social and economics demands on the country ( )
       ◘finish modeling my next model ( )
       ○edit a CF model to see if I can turn it into an easy model ( )
       §nothing (x)
       ◙edit a Tails model to see if I can turn it into an easy model ( )
       ♪learn how to play a few musics for tomorrow ( )
       ♫compose a song ( )
       ☺learn about the mysteries of the forgotten dungeon located somewhere between nothing and nowhere ( )
       ☻nothing (x)
       ♂think about what else I have to do (x)
       ♀nothing (x)
       ▼sleep ( )

      Well, as it can be seen, I have lots of stuffs to do. I think I'll start with the last one from the list.:)
      Now, some of the things I have to do are more important than others so I should focus on those. Priorities, priorities. Therefore I'll start with the first one from the list! :D
      Ok, seriously, I do have to learn a few songs for tomorrow. The review and the research about population is for Friday but these are important so I guess I'll focus on those. After that I think I'm going to test build the other model I have already done. This model I didn't show here yet for some reason but I think I'm going to keep it like this and will unveil it when it's completely done.
      Now off to do what have to be done! *the bed awaits*

Thank you for reading


  1. You print this using your printer right? Use someone else's printer, LOL! But doing that, it might create a more serious damage.

    Good luck in composing a song, you have to follow something, right? That's why I can't compose, I don't know the rules or whatever you call 'em. Just like what we talked about poems.

  2. Actually I go to a store where they print for me.
    I still don't have a printer at home so that's my only option besides printing on college. But I can only print on plain paper at my college and they don't have a laser jet either so it's really not a good idea. I print there when I'm testbuilding because I don't need a high quality print for testing purpose.

    It's been quite a while since I last tried to compose something.
    What? Since last year? Inspiration is needed, inspiration is needed. :)

    You have to follow? Well, you have music theory and all that but generally, the main rule is that it just needs to sound good. The rules normally apply by themselves, it's so interesting :)


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