Project IV? Now what?

     So, Project IV got stuck because of the same old problem of not having a printer at home. Sometimes I feel it's a waste to go and pay to print only one or two pages so I prefer to print 10 pages at once. Why I don't do this now? Well, I still have lots of other models printed here that still needs to be built and I don't want to print even more to let them sitting here.
     I could release the model right now and move forward to a new project, which I have already started but decided to halt to give this one the attention but I don't want to release this without building the colored version. Oh, dilemmas, dilemmas, what to do?
     Guess I'll end up printing only this one and release it.
     I'm also thinking on how to change the background of the blog because, as I expected, the text over the lighter part of the background is hard to read and I want to avoid this.
     And here's a picture of my desktop at the time of this posting. I'm adding this because I don't want to leave this post pictureless so here's it:

     I don't know why I keep the testbuild version of Sarah there. I think it's because it's a waste to trash her.
     Well, let's see how long it takes me to release this model right?

Thank you for reading.


  1. I can't see the photo, you removed it or something?

  2. Looks like the image host service I was using decided to deleted some of the pictures I was hosting there.
    The ones I noticed are the header and the background of the blog, the photo from this post and some other photos.

  3. Well it's working better now LOL.


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