Project IV - Updates II + etc

     Actually I didn't know what title to put since I don't really know about what I'm going to write today. I didn't post yesterday because I didn't have anything new to post. What about today? Well, my life is pretty much slow and all so nothing really exciting happens to me but anyway, back to what really matter to this blog.
     The current situation of Project IV. Today I have printed the monochromatic version of it and I hope to build it tomorrow and I think it won't take me too long since it's a one-page model.
     I don't have a picture of the template because the battery of the camera here is dead and I simply forgot to recharge and because the lines on the templates are so light that it probably wouldn't be possible to see a thing on a picture so I gave up taking a picture of it. I could take a screenshot of if and all but what's the fun of doing this right? So today's post won't have pictures.
    And today I remembered how and why I hate to print things through MS Pain(t). I always forget that the stupid program adjusts the image automatically to use the maximum number of pages possible to print the smallest picture. Yes, the program fits your 10x10 photo on four pages automatically. It's really smart, it worries about optimizing the use of paper. So in the end the template that should be only one page ended up being printed in 9 (NINE) pages. Yes, stupid. After seeing my mistake I reprinted and got it right but it still means that I used 10 pages to print this. It really hurts my heart to know I did this. I don't know if I should only blame the program for doing this automatically or if I should also blame myself for not remembering that this would happen. Either way I end up blaming myself for it.
     And I have an idea for this model but I need to find out how I'm going to make this idea to happen. I need to find a way and I hope to do this before releasing it.
     Well, at least today is Friday, end of the week and I can sleep until late tomorrow. So great!

Thanks for reading


  1. Go out there and look for some excitement. You don't just wait for it, haha!

    You printed that many? It also breaks my heart whenever I print anything LOL. I don't know, I just think of the wasted ink.

    I think you need some inspiration for the model to work!

  2. Ah, I'm too tired to go out searching for some excitement.
    I have lots of stuff to do for college and all :P

    Guess I'll wait for the excitement a little bit more.


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