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     Well, it turned out that the image host service I'm using is pretty unstable and unreliable. It's been pretty unstable in the latest days and this is really pissing me off. Guess I will have to search for another host.
     Thinking about creating an account on photobucket or whatever. I believe that's a famous one and is probably more stable than the one I'm using right now. Well, I'll see with which one I will stick with. I do know that it's possible to upload on blogspot's own host but for some reason I'm still reluctant of using it's service.
     I used to use another one (shareapic) but that one also showed to be a little unstable and all that. I first decided on that because we got some revenue per image display but I think it's quite boring to see the pictures with some ads on the side and all so I decided to give that up and find another one. Found the one I'm using right now but it's also not looking that great...
     Ok, enough of this host blabbing. What I am up to now? It's holy week and this has no meaning for me. For me every week that I have no classes is a holy week so this one is yet another one. And I have yet to print the templates for Project IV (which I also happen to have to give a proper name :P)
     Meanwhile I decided to give a break on designing and get back to building someone else model so yes, I'm building another model but not my original. I would post a picture of it if the image host service were running but unfortunately it's not and I still have to find another reliable one.
     Since Friday is holiday I probably won't be able to find a place to print until Monday meaning I won't be able to make any progress on Project IV meanwhile (unless I decide the name of it :P) so don't expect anything about it on the next days.
     And this post will be photoless for obvious reasons. Tomorrow I'll seek for a host. Now I'll go back to building this model hoping it'll turn out good.

Thank you for reading.
edit: Well, it looks like the host got up again. Let's see for how long. This is the last chance.


  1. Yes, do register on Photobucket. I've been on it for like, 2 or 3 years already and no problems. You have your own account and there are other things to do lol. For my blogs, I host the images in Blogspot. I think they automatically create a Picasa account the first time you upload in it.

    Wonder what's the name of Project IV. Is it something robotic or something pretty? Haha!

  2. You are some artist. waiting for project IV to be unveiled...

  3. @deejay
    Thanks, I'll need it to find a good image host. Even though I decided to stick with photobucket let's see if I made the right choice

    Yes, I checked photobucket and now we'll see how it'll turn out.
    I heard about Picasa but didn't try it.

    And for some reason I like the name "Project IV". It looks nice.

    Thank you for your compliment!
    I hope to be able to unveil it as soon as possible and hope it'll suit everybody's taste.

  4. Project IV is alright, it's like you're doing some sort of experiment.


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