Something is still being made

Here's a little update.
This is just while I don't re-print the templates from Project IV.
Here are the pictures showing my progress.

Papercraft        Papercraft


  1. it looks like hard to build... im not sure whether i can build it or not.. i got lots of anime character in the list.. but.. hehe.. it's kinda hard for me to build... makes myself dunno where to start or how to start... LOL...o.O but anyway, in order to success... hard work is very important.. ^^

    so.. gambateh ^^ waiting to see your model.. ^^ it would be very pretty...

  2. Hay. Gambarimasu!

    Well, it's not REALLY hard but it's also not one for beginners for sure.
    I had lots of trouble while testbuilding it and most of those problems simply can't be solved. The problem occurred during the modeling process and it's a structural problem so I would have to change lots to solve it and therefore I don't know if I'm going to release this model. I'll decide later, for now I'm just focusing on trying to finish it.


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