Note: You may skip the part written in italic as it's completely useless to the context of this blog. What really matters is written in red.

 Sunday is gone
 Easter is in the past
 As the time goes by
 Monday arrives
 And the test is done
 How sad it was
 Studied or died
 The test is not a lie
 But my will was

      Enough of all this right? No metric, no rhymes, no nothing. I am not a writer nor a poet so to hell with this. What it really matter is that Sunday is gone and so is Easter and today is Monday, not the beginning of the week since the week started yesterday (yes, Sunday is the beginning). And the catholic god, according to my sources, rested on Saturday NOT on Sunday. Yet people also rests on Sunday...well, I guess it's because we shouldn't try to be better than the god we believe in otherwise it wouldn't make sense to worship someone that's worse than us as a god right? Come on, if I work seven days a week why should I worship a lazy dude who had to rest for one day? No sense at all! That's why we should all rest two days!

      But I'm not here to talk about this either (even though I ended up doing so). What really matters is that I finally printed the templates for Project IV and can finally build it's colored version! Yes! And here's the proof:
Project IV templates
       I don't know if it's noticeable but this one was printed on an ink printer and not on a laser printer so the quality is not that great but I choose this because I wanted to see how it would turn out since if I end up buying a printer it'll probably be a ink jet and not a laser jet (even though I prefer the latter).
Actually I decided to print using a ink jet because it was cheaper thus allowing me to print two pages and not one.
    [storytelling mode] I arrived on the printing store with R$3 in my pocket and asked how much it would be to print a full 170gms A4 page. He said it would be R$2,50 and since I wanted to print two pages it would cost me R$5. Yes, simple math. Unfortunately I didn't have the money (yes, 3!=5) so I said I would print only one page but since we're talking about a capitalist society the guy there aimed for higher profits so he offered to print on the ink jet printer since it would be cheaper. And by coincidence it would cost me R$3! Than I thought: "Why not? This way I'll be able to check the quality of a model printed using an ink jet." So I took his offer and that's the history of this journey. [/storytelling mode]
        So this means I'll probably be releasing this model by the end of the week! Yay, another new model to the list!

Thank you for reading.


  1. I find it hard to write a poem with all those metric, rhymes, and whatever. But it's alright I guess, it's still a poem anyway. I forgot what you call that poem with no whatevers.

    When I was a kid, sometime around 7 years ago, someone asked me what is the first day of the week. I said Monday, naturally, being the first day of school and all that LOL. That someone told me I was wrong, Sunday is indeed the first day of the week. I do know the story of Creation at heart, it never occurred to me to count LOL.

    Red and green colors, huh? Now I can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for showing the printed version, it never occured to me it looks like this when printed LOL.

  2. can't wait to see another models of yours.. ^^

  3. @HalfCrazy
    Yes, writing poems is not easy. At least if you're worried about metrics and rhymes.
    There was the new metric and the old metric and whatever that was. I find it easier to write music lyrics than poems though some may say they're pretty similar.
    Maybe the addition of a rhythm makes it easier to keep the metric.

    Yah, actually it should be a yellowish color, not exactly green...at least I think I decided yellow...but anyway, let's see how it turns out.
    I'm kind of packed with stuffs to do so I don't know when I'll have some time to build this.

    Thanks! I'm also curious about how this one will turn out!
    The test build I did was kind of small so it ended up being too hard to build some parts (which in the end I left unbuilt).

  4. When writing songs, I think you have to follow something, whatever that is. Anyway, I don't know, just thinking about it makes me a little lazy LOL.

    Hope you'll have some free time to build this thing.


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