What am I up to II

      Well, it's already Sunday here (00:09) so it means it's Easter.
      Now to the important part.
      Ok, there's no important part today, again.
      I'm not going to eat a chocolate egg because there's none at home just like I said on my last post) and I also won't buy one in the near future. Maybe next month if I happen to find a sale of it. Otherwise I rather buy some chocolate bar and eat it like that.
      I was also building one model right? Well, here are some pictures of it:

Tsukina The body is here....
Tsukina It should stand still but I think it would stay up
      And guess what...it can't stay still! Wow, what a genius I am right?
      Ok, so after that I glues her head and...

Photobucket Photobucket

      Ta-dah! That's the result. Well, there are some minor details that I didn't add like some wings on her feet, part of her hair that I forgot to glue in the process and if I glue it now it'll look horrible, I also can't find a good place to add her ears (human ears AND cat ears) and I still have to build her hammer. I actually think that the model is looking good enough the way it's right now but I guess I'll at least make her hammer :)

      Later today I will finish my studies and maybe I'll start building another model since I have something around 3 or 4 templates printed that are waiting to be built :P
      And for those who commemorate and care about this, Happy Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate ok? It gives acne! :P

Thank you for reading.

ps: You now realize that "studies" contains "dies"


  1. Wow, your paper models are amazing!! I love the attention to detail. Did you make the templates yourself for all these models or did you purchase and assemble?
    You are extremely talented! :)

  2. We don't have chocolate egg in here too. We don't even celebrate Easter in here LOL. Just a little celebration, usually with no eggs really.

    Another awesome looking project from you, it looks a little sad though, lol!

  3. so cute! but i can't see its mouth LOL hmmm... i thought about that chocolate egg and wondered where i could purchase one here LOL

  4. @Garando
    The one I posted on this post I got on the internet. There are many sources of free templates out there.
    Though I do make my own templates too. Up until now I have released 3 of my own templates. You can check them out by clicking on the "finished" label on the right menu.
    I don't buy because I don't know where to find these in my country.

    Aah....no chocolate egg? Well, me neither so I'm fine. Even though I like chocolate I don't think it's worth to pay for the eggs. In my opinion those are way over-priced. What they charge for a 300g chocolate egg I could buy a 1kg chocolate tablet and make 3 of those eggs.
    Much better if you ask me. :)
    Well, this model was fun to build yet I had some problems. It's kinda hard to build a model you didn't create and without instructions. There are some parts that may have a building sequence that's hard to see and all that.
    Because of that I forgot to add a mash of her hair and ended up not adding her ears....though she's not looking bad without those :P
    And I think she's simply serious, not sad....but who knows?

    Thanks! I decided to build this one because I thought it was cute too.
    In fact, her mouth is kinda small but that is a cute factor :)
    Well, here in my country they sell chocolate eggs in every supermarket when it comes this season. Actually they were selling those since last month...and as I said to HalfCrazy, all over-priced. Yet there are lots of people who buys.
    Easter is the season when chocolate industry makes huge profits.

  5. wow that's so genius!! you really have some great stuff going on there.
    I'm from the philippines so we're munching rice cakes instead of chocolate eggs on easter, hehehe!
    Continue the good job

  6. omg... o.O its' soo nice.. i really fall in love with your talent... o.O what a magical hand you've got... owh~~ i'm so jealous...

  7. @Joanne Chan
    Thank you! Glad you liked! :)
    It wasn't exactly easy but it also wasn't THAT hard. It was worth the trouble.

    Nah, I'm not a genius. If I were I would be finding the cure to AIDS :)
    And you're also from Philippines? Lots of bloggers from there! I'm surprised!
    And you eat rice cakes on Easter? Are they covered with chocolate at least?

    Ah, you can do it if you really try! I and many others that are into this hobby have lots to learn. Hard work does bring results!
    Give it a try! You'll be surprised at what you're able to build!

  8. Of course they are overpriced, especially when they know it's Easter LOL. Or maybe the products are really pricey LOL.

    I think I said she's kinda sad because of her eyes.

  9. Capitalism is all about profiting. Since at this time of the year people WANT to buy chocolate the demand will raise and consequently the offer will also raise.

    And I don't know, I liked how roughly her eyes were made.
    Since this is not my design I won't be changing it.


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