What am I up to?

     It seems that the image host service I used to use is back to normal but either way I decided to give a try with photobucket. First because it seems more reliable, second because I already had an account there and third because the pictures I had uploaded on that account was still there and it's been more than one year since I last logged in so I thought that this was good enough.
     Obviously there'll always have something we don't like and this wasn't any different. Photobucket automatically resizes all the pictures we upload and the maximum size a free user can post is 1024x768 or resize it to a 1mb file. Because of that the background of this blog got resized and it looked different when I tried. To solve this problem I also created an account on imageshack though I don't like much that site's interface so I ended up using it only to host the background of the blog.
     Actually, the interface of Photobucket didn't appeal me but that was the only option I found that would allow me to host .png files and looked reliable. Though imageshack allows me to upload .png and looks reliable I though that between it's interface and photobucket's one I preferred the latter.
     So today I reuploaded all the photos to the new host and had to re-link in every post. Such a boring task to do on a holiday right? Well, not the most boring one I think. Monday is coming and with it a test. Yes, I have a test on Monday and I have yet to study so you can bet I'll spend some time of the weekend at home studying instead of eating Easter Eggs. Not that there's any here at home and probably there won't be since I'm not expecting to receive one and I have no intention to buy one since nowadays it's way too expensive (that's when I'm happy and sad that I'm not dating...there's no need to buy an Easter Egg yet I won't receive any, oh well, equivalent right?).
     What else?
     Last post I said I was building a new model right? Well, now that I moved to photobucket I'm able to post the picture of it. It's still not ready but here's what I have already done:

     This model is not that complex but it's not so easy since it doesn't come with instructions. Well, it comes with some reference pictures but those can be hardly called "instructions".
     And that's it. Now back to studying or something else. I don't believe I'm going to study now.

Thank you for reading.

ps: You now realize that "studying" contains "dying"


  1. Imageshack is a pain in the ass. I don't like the interface and everything seems to load slow, hahaha! Photobucket sucks when it comes to resizing but for hosting it's the bomb.

    Uploading photos using Blogger is alright. It re sizes on the entry but when you click on it, it returns to its normal size.

    Can't wait to see what you're gonna come up with.

  2. Well, at least Imageshack doesn't automatically resizes the pictures. The last thing I need now is the background resized. Even though it looked kinda cool when I used it sized down the buildings were starting too early and the black part was predominant, something I tried to avoid.


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