What a week

     Finally the week is over! Even though Tuesday was a holiday here and, consequently, no classes were taken neither on Monday or Tuesday, the last three days were packed of stuffs to do. Review to write, report to finish, music to learn, classes (boring ones). Now, Friday night, I finally have some free time to do something else! So yeah, I wasn't able to progress on papercrafting, I didn't print the templates from Project IV nor progressed modeling, building or anything related. Ok, I had one idea but only that.
     And that's it, it's been a quite busy week and therefore I don't have much more to say that will stay in topic so let's wait until tomorrow or Sunday when, hopefully, I'll have at least one new model built to share. :)
     Well, thank you for taking your time to read this small post that is basically saying that I'm still alive but with a completely unorganized schedule.

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