3 months...

  ...ago I was making this post here.
     February 28th was the day I started blogging. At that time I was still using that pre-made layout offered by blogger and wasn't quite sure how it would turn out. Now I'm still using the same layout but I at least I got to add my own backgrounds. Also, three months and 56 posts later here am I, with 3 released models, hopefully with the fourth and fifth on the way. I'm just not sure about how many people actually built my models.
     I'm pretty much with a writing block right now so I guess I'll stop here.
     Thank you for all who are interested in my work and sorry for progressing so slow nowadays.

Thank you for reading.


  1. we are both february! i started mine on feb.26 last year. blocks are natural part of the blogging experience LOL so don't mind it much.

  2. Awh! I'm in art block here T.T sad.
    Just take a break for a moment, hangout to find more inspiration and back to blog again! :"D

  3. got an award for you on my space!

  4. 3 month is quite long time and I'm sure you must have learned a lot in between do share what do's and dont's you have learnt in between.

  5. I never changed my default layout as well. I guess I'm happy with blogspot's clean minimalist look. It's the content that keeps people coming back anyway right? :)


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