7 days

    Almost. Almost 7 days without posting an update. What is happening?
    I'm almost done with re-designing Himeguma, it just needs some final adjustments on the unfold and it'll be ready for the next step that is test building. Unfolding is pretty boring if you want to know. It's a manual process, its boring level is proportional to the number of edges the model have and yes, it's boring. Some people may say that if I find it boring I should quit doing paper models because I'm not enjoying it but come on, why should I force myself to enjoy 100% of something? Ok, this is a hobby, it should be fun and all, it should be pleasing and blah, blah, blah. For some reason I think this argument is flawed. Just because it's a hobby I should enjoy EVERY SINGLE STEP of it? If I don't do it than I'm not apt to keep on with it? What do you think?

    Well, leaving this aside, here's a screenshot of the unfolding process:

    I'm posting it just because I don't want to leave this post without any pictures :þ
    Since tomorrow I ain't going to college I guess I'll be able to make some progress on this. I'm beting on starting the testbuild tomorrow already...unless my dentist appointment prevents me :(
    Now back to organizing those scaterred pieces. Or should I focus on music? Lately I'm been hooked with it again. Well, one thing at a time, one at a time. :D

Thank you for reading.


  1. Please don't give up you make a lot of people very happy me being one of them:D
    I think somethings are to good to give up on one day everything will fall into place and when it does it's going to be the best thing that ever happened in the history of the world and the forever beyond!!
    What music do you do anyways is it piano:)?

  2. What the hell is all this mustard monkey business about then ;)

  3. And good luck with the dentist as well I'm sure your teeth are lovely.


  4. Hey Hey, Nice Blog I like.

    Will drop by again :)


    Nah, I'm not giving up. Not yet at least.
    There are some stuffs that I want to model yet so I have no intention of stopping before doing those. I "play" the drums and keyboards.
    And I failed to understand what you meant with "mustard monkey business"

    Thank you!
    Glad you liked the blog :)

  6. That's good I love seeing your models :)
    You play the drums and keyboard noway that's ace maybe one day we could make a mad band together like the ting-ting's but not shit.

    yer I don't think I understand that monkey comment ether just ignore that sorry.

    anyways I'm always looking at this blog so keep those beautiful models coming, but don't let it get in the way of your college work cause that's more important :)



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