Done! But...

     Is this it?
Papercraft No! something is missing! Extras! Extras! Add extras!
Can't lose these! Now, extras, the difference! Hope I won't lose these!

      And after adding ALL the extras (didn't shot every one, I forgot :P) this is what we get!

      Now, I liked this model but it's a pain in the *** to build it. In other words, I think it's pretty badly modeled. I don't know if I messed up while building it (specially the right "arm of the clothe" that I don't know how to call in english :þ) or if the problem was with the model in itself. I believe that the major problem is in the model so I decided to try to work on the model a little bit more, see what/how I can improve it to make it easier to build before releasing it. I just really wanted to have this built and that's why I struggled to build it but I don't think it's really worth all the trouble unless you're really, REALLY interested.
      I believe I didn't mentioned this before so, yes, this is also one of my own projects. And who is this? This is a Gijinka (擬人化)which is a Japanese word meaning "humanoid", "personification", or "anthropomorphic". It's a Pokemon Gijinka, in other words, a personification of a pokemon. The art I used as base for this model is this one:
Gijinka - Teddiursa

      For those who know pokemon, this is Teddiursa, or Himeguma (ヒメグマ) in the japanese version. The picture was taken from this site. It has many other pokemon gijinkas available.
      And for comparison purpose:
Papercraft comparison

      Yes, her arms are mirrored, I know. And you can't see the arm that is in front of her face either. The last detail I may try to fix but I'm not going to de-mirror her, I liked it that way. :)
      Now off to change the labels from the other posts :P

Thank you for reading


  1. awww lovely as usual. how can i get hold of your crafts? can you send me one? LOL they are so pretty!

  2. Glad you liked :)
    I really wanted this model built so I had to struggle to finish it.

    Well, it's hard to ship a paper model, they're too fragile. :(

    I still have to find a cheap way to harder the models, if I find a way than I could ship but I don't think my skills are good enough for building to others.

    You could always give a try! Why not try to build a simple model yourself too? :D

  3. oh no i am no good with this kind of craft because i am too impatient! i think you can send this things via LBC put in a box and mark fragile.

  4. The problem is that these are not fragile, these are EXTREMELY fragile.
    It's really easy to get it smashed, some parts to fall apart because it's not well glued and other issues that I can't think of right now.

    I'll see if I can find a way to reinforce the models so it can resist a longer trip unaccompanied. :)


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