Himeguma Gijinka Papercraft

      Yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away!
      No, not that. Let's try again.
      Yesterday I posted about my Himeguma gijinka papercraft. Today I decided to talk a little bit more about the model itself. That model I started modeling more than a month ago, maybe even two months ago and actually I finished it a few weeks after creating this blog. A few weeks later I test built it even though I knew there were some details I wanted to change. Test built completed I found out it was not the easiest thing to build but that the major problems were not so easily solvable. What the problems were?
      1) Assembly process: What's the best order? Sleeves first and than arms or the opposite?
      2) Building process: Sleeves are way too hard to build, it should be simplified.
      These were basically the problems I faced. I believe that this picture here will explain problem 1 better:
himeguma model

      As you can see, I made her whole body and literally dressed her body. Now, if she had articulated joints AND her dress/robe was made of cloth or something similar than there wouldn't be any trouble assembling it but unfortunately none of the two conditions are met. The arms are glued to the body and the main part of her dress wraps her body and the sleeves wraps her arms. I think it's easy to see the trouble here right? I cannot build her dress and wrap it around her completely built body because of her arms and it's also hard to build the sleeves around her arms already glued to her body. That's the big problem. Anyway, in the end I managed to build it and the result is that that you can see in the previous post.
      And now a few more pictures below showing the front view of the 3D model and my testbuild besides the final built just for comparison:
Himeguma model           Himeguma Papercraft

      There are just a few differences that caused a lot of changes on the whole model. I don't know if it's really visible but her shoulders were really large and I shrinked them. In the process her right arm/sleeve changed a lot.
      Well, that's it. Now I have to study because I have a test tomorrow and I know nothing, but before I need to take a shower because I'm almost sleeping here and need to wake up.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Very impressive work, I'm happily waiting for its release and I'm also glad that you're taking the time to streamline the build process.

  2. Thank you for the compliment.
    Yes, I'm still thinking how to improve this model. I don't know how long it'll take but I'm not in a rush so there's no problem :)

  3. AWH! Is that from paper or..? o.o
    so cute!! show us how to make that XD

  4. Yup, this is made of paper.
    I'm still editing the model to make it easier to build. After I'm done and satisfied with the result than I'll post the template with instructions. :)

  5. COOL! I'm looking forward to it! xD


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