Well, I should learn to set priorities and stick to them :P
     Himeguma is being slowly edited. Slowly because I need to crack my mind trying to figure out how to improve it.
     Project IV is still waiting to be printed. I hope to print it Tuesday.
     I'm still thinking if I'm really going to write a tutorial and post in my blog.
     Music is simply halted in my life, I should practice more but laziness takes over me. Actually this is the reason why I'm pretty much without updates here too.
     College is there, things to do and when I have some free time I just want to have some mindless fun...you know, play some stupid game, watch a stupid movie or something similar. But I'm trying to change this, trying to make myself use the brain a little bit more during free time.


     Big mess right? Yes...but guess what? My next model is somewhat related to something in this picture. What it could be? :)
     Yes, I'm already working on a new model and yet there are two other in line waiting to be finished....that's why I should learn to set and follow priorities. :P Priorities, that's the rule in anyone's life.
     Ok, now I need to think how I'm going to label this post....I guess it'll be another "etc" post. That's the joker label! It's great to have one :D

Thank you for reading.


  1. haha all the best in making the new model!
    yeah "etc" label is kinda useful at times, but i dont have it on my blog.. lol

    Reply: "yeng" in chinese means COOL! haha.. so say YES!

    By the way, where are you from? =)

  2. i guess the best thing to do is finish one before starting another so that you do not leave anything behind! looking forward to the new masterpiece!


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