Why I'm not progressing as much as I did before

     So, today I'm going to talk about why my progress rate has dropped considerably since I started blogging.
     First reason is because of college. It's taking some of my time and as I said on the last post when I have free time I end up using it with some mindless and effortless entertainment such as games (the ones you don't have to think too much like racing, adventure, vs and others) and movies/anime (also nothing too complex, just some light comedy or anything stupid). Yes, editing the 3D models, unfolding, cutting and gluing and taking pictures of the process to make a tutorial requires quite an effort and it can't be done without some ratiocination.
     Second reason is the extra expenses I'm having due to college. Since I'm having lunch out almost everyday of the week and I'm also taking the bus to come back from there (college) to home my expenses were raised considerably meaning I have less money to spend with printing templates. I should buy a printer but again the monetary problem hits me so for now it's not into my plans.
     Concluding, I'm a lazy pig who doesn't want to think nor to spend money. Or something along those lines :P
     Maybe I really am but I think it's better for my own ego to think that I'm just someone who still needs to learn how to organize my own time and money. :)

     Now, I noticed there are lots of asian bloggers around. Many of the blogs I regularly read are from asians, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines...interesting. But I have yet to find one from Japan. I think it'll be hard since japanese probably use another blog plataform (same for koreans) but, who knows? May the hunting begin! :)

Well, that's it for today.
Thank you for reading.
ps: yet another .etc tag! This is so useful, a joker tag! :D


  1. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself your fab I love your models:)
    I have this little friend with a big beard he's totally a loser who gets confused some times but I think his hearts in the right place but anyways good luck with college your very talented so i think you'll ace it, the world needs people like you in it to make it more interesting I'm sure you'll do great things:)


  2. c'mon, idon't think you are a lazy pig, not at all since you are spending your time with college and the mindless things you do, i assume are stress reducers so do not be so hard on yourself. i am positive that you will find a perfect rhythm as to ow you will manage your life with college in tow. good luck!


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