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     Freezing. Well, not really but it's really cold for me. I'm not that used to cold weather so every degree that decreases hits me, stealing my heat, stealing my will (little) to do anything. So, how cold is it? Something around 14°C or 57F. Cold? Maybe not for you but for me it is.
     Now, leaving the temperature aside let's see what else I have to talk about...well, Prinsesa Musang decided to award my blog with the Kreativ Blogger Award. This is actually the second time someone awards my blog. The first time HalfCrazy awarded with the Neno's Award. I'm glad to be awarded. Let's do thinks one at a time.
     First the Kreativ Blogger, it looks like the rules says that the one who receives and accepts it must share seven things I like to do and pass the award to another seven blogs. Ok, seven things that I like...
     ♫ Music (listening, playing, whatever)
     ☼ Food, specially when I'm hungry
     ♪ My bed, specially when I'm sleepy
     → Free time
     → The internet
     ← Papercrafts
     ← Free time
     So, as you can see I DO like free time :D. Now it's all up to what I like to do during free time. Building paper models, eating, sleeping and other things that I probably won't be telling :P
     Now I should pass this to seven other blogs....well, do I even READ 7 other blogs? I don't know. Will count in a while, now let's see the Neno's award.
     Actually it's been a long time since I that award was given and at the time I didn't post a post about it here because the tag also said to pass the award to other blogs and to say why I love blogging. Since I didn't know many blogs well enough to award I decided to simply answer on HalfCrazy's blog the first question that I'll copy and paste here:
     The reason is simple, to share my models and to try to show the world a little bit of this nice hobby I discovered that is paper modeling. Also to vent a little whenever I feel the need...that's why there's the "etc" on the name :)
     It's fun to be able to create something by yourself and get some recognition for it. It's also fun to go and find new ideas, new views and new information on the many blogs about many different topics out there in the world. And it's also fun to meet and keep contact with strangers. It's just like you said, social networking.
     Now, giving the award to other blogs...why do they set a minimun number? I don't really follow seven blogs :P.

     Let's leave this aside for a while because there's still more to write about.
     Ok, I finally printed the templates for Himeguma and Project IV and they're there, waiting to be built. I hope to get started soon if my schedule and will power allows me. Lately I'm been getting more hooked with music so I've been practicing with the drums and starting self-teaching acoustic guitar so these are simply eating my free time. Not that I'm progressing much, specially with the guitar but, well, we can always dream right? :)
     Besides this, I think tomorrow I'll send the cpu to the assistance service because the power button is broken and the power supply is making a strange noise that shouldn't do and it's really time to take a look at it. Since it's still under insurance I can't simply open it by myself to take a look (not that it would any useful since I do not understand much about it but hey, it's fun to do it :D) so I have to take it to the assistance meaning I won't have a pc available for I don't know how long. Hopefully it won't take too long but who knows? If there's a need to replace the power supply than it may take little longer if they don't have it there. That's why I'm writing such a long post? Maybe :P
     I'm counting on making some progress while the cpu is not available, let's see if I can do it :D.

     Now, back to the awards, who am I going to award? How am I supposed to choose the award receiving blogs? I'm supposing I can't award back so let's see how I'll handle this.

      An Ardent Cosmic Journey.
      balut & natto
      Prinsesa's Anatomy
      Vicissitudes of Life
     These are the blogs that I frequently visit and enjoy visiting and I'm awarding. Which award goes to which blog? Both awards goes for all blogs because they're all creative and I see the passion of blogging in all these, though two of them are on hiatus.
      This was a long post. Thank you if you had patience to read it all.


  1. i hate computer problems. they are never simple. i think they are worse than car problems. and i can never figure how to change the oil on my computer.
    Congrats on your blog award!

  2. thank you for awarding me again. yey you this is a long post alright cognratulations LOL i also like a lot of free time but these days i do not get them a lot LOL i am also easy to freeze, maybe it has something to do with me being born premature LOL i am really glad you continue to share your models to the world because they are great models!

  3. hey! thanks alot!
    and thanks for the compliment too!
    appreciate alot!

    and yeah, this is a very long post.. haha.. better fix your comp asap! =)

  4. hahah..awesome! I want winter :"D too bad we don't have it here <3

    Get practice with your guitar! it's good if you can play music : DDD great feeling~

    And I hate computare problems too D:< sucks!

    Anyway, thank you very much for the awards! I will blog it right away! :"D

  5. thanks for the awards! ( we get both right?)

    I actually have the Kreativ Blogger one already...and I didn't bother to add in all the other awards after that =X

    Ok........................honestly I didn't bother adding in because I'm not really sure those who gave me the awards even read my blog so it didn't seem like an accomplishment at all :)

    But shadowmoon I will add yours in because I know you really mean it :)

    Thanks a lot :)

  6. Thanks for the compliments.
    Yeah, it's not really a "problem". The strange sound just happens sometimes when I turn the pc on and the power button is not REALLY necessary nor anything. I can still turn it on without it but, hey, its warranty is still valid so why not take advantage and get the replacement for free right?

    Anyway in the end my week was packed and I didn't take the pc yet :(

  7. haha... thanks.... ^^ im really happy that my blog actually makes you feel awarding reading it... i really appreciate it... ^^

    anyway... i love you blog too.. ^^ it's my favourite blog of all.. ^^ hope to see more from you...

  8. psps : typo... >.< i actually means, " i love youR blog too.." ^^

  9. Reply: Yeah, coz she has the mysterious look, kinda like your type.. haha.. =) the last one, comment if you feel like doing so.. haha =P

  10. Sorry for the late reply. I had "technical difficulties" the past two weeks. :D
    Thank you very much for the award! It's such an honor, I'm glad that you enjoy visiting my blog.
    Don't worry about the noise coming from your PC power supply. It's probably just the fan causing it. If the noise comes from your hard drive, then it's time to panic. :D

    Learning drums and guitar is cool! I too, play both instruments because I used to play in a band so I really encourage you pursue it!


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