No, not a papercraft...oh dang, when am I going to release a new paper model? Did I forget that this blog should be mainly about paper models? What's happening?
     Well, so what's done? Is that done? That that I talked about last post? Yes, that's it!
     Let's talk a little about it. Some of these that I'll write here you'll also find at the end of the video or in the details column. It's been almost 10 months since I composed this song but only now I decided to record it and do all this video stuff. It's only piano and vocals but there's still some room to think about adding other instruments to be played with a band, maybe rearrange it but I'll still think about that. There are no vocals because I don't know how to sing, have little to no sense of vocal tone and I also don't have a mic to record so I decided to use that harmonica-like timber (it should be a bass clarinet, actually) to do the vocal's melody line and although I've kind of learned how to add the karaoke effect adding it would take waaaaay too long and I'm not really in the mood to do it so hope you can connect the lyrics to the melody.
     Talking about the song, it's a quite simple composition on the C major key, probably the most basic key available but it sounds good and it's ear-friendly though this doesn't mean it's actually good...I changed the second bridge a little from what I originally thought to make it sound fuller and it took me quite a while to come up with that arrangement though it's not as hard as it sounds. The first version came up in about three days including the lyrics but it took me almost 10 months to decide to record and during the recording I decided to change something here and mess a little there and this was the final result.
     The lyrics are quite simple too and I leave it to you to interpret it as you wish. I believe I know how most people will interpret this and I also believe that it'll be correct but I'll leave it opened to new interpretations as I found one myself (can you see it too?).
     The gear I used were:
       → A Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard for playing (obvious)
       → A Sony MD Recorder MZ-R700PC for recording from the keys
       → One cable P2xP2 and one P2xP10 adapter so I could record from the keys
       → Audacity 1.3.7 to record from the MD to the PC
       → Virtualdub 1.8.8 to create this simple video
       → SSRtoSSA 1.0 to convert the scratch-made .srt file to .ssa file (to use as lyrics)
      As it can be seen, these are pretty cheap gears (all freeware software FYI) and my recording and editing skills are simply zero so the sound quality and the presentation are not really high. You'll notice some parts that are not tidily synchronized, specially at the ending sequence but I hope you'll be able to enjoy it.

Thank you for reading/listening.
PS: Yes, on the video I left the Subtitle Workshop as a used gear but in the end I used it for testing purposes only and wasn't necessary for the "final" product but was too lazy to change since I just noticed now...so disregard that ok?


Good news, bad news, news, updates

    Well, news, updates and all that. What have I been doing?
    Since the last post I've been trying to finish recording my first composition with lyrics and whatever. Only today I managed to finish and the result is far from expected but whatever, I believe this is the best I can do right now with the patience, equipment and ability that I have available.
    Since I can't sing there are no vocals on the song though I added the vocal line on the recording. I'll probably post a video with a karaoke with what's supposed to be the lyrics and I think I'm going to upload it somewhere so people can watch and rate it....or not, I don't know. Still have to decide whether it's reaching the lowest level of quality needed to be showed to be world.
    And because of that I still haven't even started working on papercraft. Yeah, recording takes my patience more than I thought it would so I guess I won't be able to provide my next model by tomorrow, oh well. I'll see what I can do about it. Now back to the music, I still need to finish editing some little details here and there and decide whether I'm going to modify it yet or not.

Thank you for reading.


Vacations, free time, nothingness...what a mess

     Well, it's been a quite time since I last posted right? Yes. And why am I posting now? Did something good happened? Did I finish something and am ready to share? Am I just wasting your time?
     If your guess is the last one than I would say that you're most likely correct though I'll try to prove it wrong (will I be able to?).
     Anyway, this past week was completely useless to my hobbies. Progressed almost nothing with papercrafts but my time was not completely wasted since I spent some time messing with the bass. Not much but enough to learn how to play one or two songs. Now am up to learning how to do slaps correctly. But since this should be mainly a papercraft related blog I decided to set a goal. I'll finish the Gijinka model until next Thursday, July 23rd. I'll make one week be enough for me to finish recording one music, cleaning the mess in my room and complete the paper model.
     Just for you guys to have an idea on how my room is right now here are two pics of part of the room and the pc desk, where I normally use as working place for papercrafting:
mess          mess 2

     Crappy resolution because I don't know where the camera is...I guess somebody from my family took it, I don't know, so I'm using my cellphone's camera that is clearly worse.
     The keyboard should go back to it's former place in my room as soon as either I record it directly to the pc or I decide that it's not a good choice to do this. Well, let's see how my progress goes this week right?

Thank you for reading.


Vacations at last!

     Vacation, where I wanna be!
     Party on the beach where the fun is free
     We don't need a holiday, let's start to celebrate

     Ok, whatever. Just some old song that came up in my mind when I wrote "Vacation" at the title of this post.
     Anyway, now I need to learn how to relax and need to organize my time and discipline myself to follow an organization, and you can tell everybody this is a song...ok, it's not a song. Just some stupid self-joke (that I can hardly see as a "joke") that I bet nobody will get.
     You can be sure that it'll be quite hard for me to follow my own time table because it'll be quite hard for me to make it! But let's try right?
     I want to find and follow a bass method, want to make some progress on some paper projects and I also need to study some Calculus otherwise I'll get in real trouble next semester. But meanwhile I'll just sleep because I'm dead tired already.

Thank you for reading.


Almost finished

     Good god...June is over and it was a horrible month for this blog, only four entries. And what's almost finished? One of my project? Another new design? A new template? No! My classes and the semester! Almost there, almost there! Only more two days of suffering and agony. Yes, I don't even know if I want these two days to end soon because I have one presentation tomorrow and another on Friday and I don't feel confident to do any of those. The worst is that I still have to prepare the one for Friday....oh I'm so screwed. Anyway, it's been quite a while since I last posted and it's been quite a while since I last checked the blogs I follow so I decided to take some time to do both today. Since it's been quite a while I think this will be a long post. Feel free to ignore it since this won't add anything to your life (probably, just like all the other posts tagged with "etc").
     So, what happened since I last posted? Well, MJ died and his stuff are selling like oxigen would sell because of that. He's selling more than John Lennon and Elvis did after they died, or should I say that people are buying more? This is probably the most correct term. Anyway, he died, a genius as a dancer and as a musician. What else could I say? Not much but coincidentely a few days before his death I found out this article here that tries to give and explanation about why some celebrities stay famous regardless of their talend. It basically says that people need something to talk about, something in common and these celebrities is their point of equicity. In a few words that's what it's explaining and I think it makes sense.
     What else could I talk about? Well, I sold my drums last weekend and bought a bass! Nice! No, I don't know how to play it yet but I'm learning and I'm eagerly waiting for these long awaited vacations so I can practice. So yes, I'll have to conciliate the desire to learn bass and the desire to build new models, will be a though time for sure. And here's the space for pictures, yes!
     Here's what I sold:

     And here's what I bought:

     Pretty nice, I already have lots to do during my vacations that hopefully will start Saturday.
     And that's it I guess...one last thing is that it's damn hard to type without using one finger. Yes, yesterday I decided that I would try to eat some barbecue of myself but I stopped when I remembered that it would hurt a little if I were to cut off my finger, unfortunately this just came to my mind after I started chopping off my finger. This was nice for sure. Ok, it wasn't that bad, just the tip of my finger got cut but for some strange reason that's exactly the place were it seems that blood is produced because it simply doesn't stops bleeding. I cut it yesterday but today was still bleeding. Oh well, nothing that a curative won't solve. Ok, that's it. In the end this post didn't get as long as I thought it would.

If you had patience and interest to read till here, thank you for reading