Paper what? Craft? Model?

  After long months I was thinking if people still remembers that this blog is about papercraft. Actually, after all these months I started to wonder if I still remembered that this blog was started because of papercraft.

  Now, after quite a time (what? 2 months?) I come back with one simple model that I was designing since a long time ago. Isn't something huge or spectacular, actually it's something simple and....simple. No other words to describe this little model I designed.

  Presenting, Project IV ~EZ~:

Photobucket     Photobucket

  Yes, that one that I started back in March. Only now I decided to put an end to it and release.
  As the name implies, this is an easy (EZ) model and my aim was to create something simple enough so that people with little to no experience could completely build it but still I wanted to avoid something too simple like cubic models. This is what came out as a result.

  If you remember well the first version I showed was slightly different than the one I completed. The first version had arms and legs that I decided to remove from this final version. Why? Because it would be too hard to attach those to the body and it would go agains the main purpose of this model.

  Within the .rar provided below you'll also find a readme.txt with some extra informations, the lined and lineless template and a few pictures with simple directions.

Download Link:

Thank you for reading


  1. Well done! If that paper model was "easy" for you, it would probably be "Expert" level for me. :D
    I can only fold paper airplanes.

  2. check your flipping shoutbox.

  3. @Anonymous
    May I ask you to IDENTIFY yourself and be more SPECIFIC?
    And stop posting comments with the SAME content, please.

  4. sorry about that but i really think you should check your shout box just this one last time please:)X

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  6. Hiya there! xD You're tagged! Check my blog kay :")

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